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    Price of the game....demo

    Maybe a fix to the forced windowed mode issue : Go to settings, set the Window mode to "Windowed" (if it isn't already). Then lower your resolution to something like 1280x720 (something smaller than your screen). Switch back to "Borderless fullscreen" in Window Mode. Now set the render scale to 100%. Now the game should stay in borderless fullscreen forever. Just don't touch the Window mode option anymore, or that will make the issue come back. If it does just repeat the procedure.
  2. Shurilex

    Update Feedback 9.8.53

    Yes. I will sound a bit harsh but it honestly feels like a downgrade to me. Original environment lighting was so nice, and the first time I saw the cloud shadows after buying the game I was so stoked, never seen something like it in any other game. Also when the sun was low its light was giving an orange hue to the nature and the player's weapon, which was beautiful. It doesn't anymore. To illustrate my point I tinkered a little bit more with game master today and took some screenshots to compare the two versions. First before and after : https://imgur.com/a/4WFyOEr Notice the pretty orange hue in the first. Second before and after : https://imgur.com/a/eQdj67W No more cloud shadows. Third before and after : https://imgur.com/a/gmJwyAh Fourth before and after : https://imgur.com/a/VqE5H4r No more bright warm sunlight. Hope the new lighting system is not final and that Bohemia will continue on improving it, or revert back to the old one. Same for gun sounds. The original lighting was chef kiss (at least for the sunlight) and really brought up the beauty of Everon. Those cloud shadows were awesome, like in real life when you look at the ground from an airplane. Sad I am. Edit : Maybe I was a bit quick to judge the new gun sounds/reverb. They seem to have more punch, the more I play the more i get used to them. The M16 still feels weird though. Still hope to get the cloud shadows back. Sunny Everon looks great (apart from the new sunglasses/auto-exposure effect that prevents the shiny pretty light now) but cloudy weather make the textures super flat, and the sun doesn't shine between two passages of clouds like before.
  3. Hello, a quick (not very constructive) feedback on the latest update Nice new features : The platoon channel isn't permanent anymore and can be changed on a secondary radio canal. Thank you for this ! Red stop lights shine on the ground at night. Very cool. Incremental shutters on BTR 70 (and new entering animation). Didn't think of that, quite useful. Hope we will have the periscopes thingy functional in Arma 4 so we can drive with shutters closed. Obviously mines, and we can even mark them with little red flags. Love the analog style that the game design of Arma takes / is headed towards. No more little red dots on HUD like Arma 3. Everything happens in the environment. Mixed feelings : The new guns sounds. Especially the M16. I loved its gunshot sound before the update, it was crisp with a satisfying metallic noise, now it's kind of deep and muffled and doesn't sound as awesome. I'm sad because shooting with it isn't as nice anymore haha ^^ but obviously I can only talk for myself. Maybe it's because I'm not used to it yet and it feels weird, I don't know. (please old m16 sound 😥) Would really like to know the opinion of others on this. The sunlight. Don't really know what happened to it but something definitely happened. Cloudy weather doesn't have the super cool cloud shadows that were present before the update, and the bright sunlight doesn't feel as comfy and shiny. Before the update when the clouds were breaking the sun bathed Everon in a warm and cozy light that made all the environment pop a lot more, it was really pretty. Now I feel like it doesn't anymore ? The game still crashes occasionally on multiplayer for me. I always click "Send" on the dialog box that pops up when it happens so I hope it will help you continue fix these bugs. 😃 Something not related but I hope the inventory UI will be revamped for Arma 4. A lot of items have the same thumbnails (like soviet carrier belts), so we have to check one by one what it is by hovering the mouse, a bit tedious. Having the name of the item next to the thumbnail like it Arma 3 would help identify it a lot quicker. Because the thumbnails take different amount of space in the UI the inventory feels messy, but maybe that's just me. I probably prefer lists of items like in Arma 3. Would be better to have to scroll through stuff in a box rather than typing A or E to go to next/previous page. Pages don't feel as natural as an infinite list. Hopefully we will have categories of items in tabs or something similar. It's not really clear what type of magazine is compatible with a weapon (for example the 45 rounds AK mag is compatible with the regular AK, but we can't know before testing it). Also inventory thumbnails take forever to load but it's probably something you are already aware of. Hope we will get something like the virtual arsenal from Arma 3, that was awesome to test gear quickly and equip a soldier with a list of available stuff on the left of the screen (VR isn't really cold war so maybe adapt the design to fit the era) That's all I think. Thank you for your work !
  4. We’ll never know the entire truth of the situation, maybe you are right to be concerned about the future of Arma, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it is « game over » for the series. We all have our ideal Arma in mind, and I think we’ll never have 100% of what we wish for, there will always be something that could be different or better. I'm afraid Arma will never be “one the best selling and most played games to date”, Bohemia just don’t have the money to meet that kind of expectations. As a player that isn’t a developer nor a modder, all I can do is hope for one of my favorite game to be the best it can be, because I have no other way of contributing. The outcome of the game is out of my control anyway, so I don’t think getting angry will change anything. My strategy is to try and give moral support to the creators behind the project, because I think that sending positive vibes will maybe motivate them to give their best. In the worst case scenario, if Arma 4 proves to be a disappointment, I’ll just keep silent and move on. I see no other useful behavior, and I don’t like conflict anyway ^^. Now here is my theory behind the situation. I don’t think Bohemia are dishonest. I think they had a product that worked well in a controlled environment (their computers and local network), but when released to the world revealed itself to be unstable. Shit happens. Astronauts’ lives were lost during space programs. Scientists were confident that their rocket was ready for use, but still exploded at launch. Coding is really difficult, it involves too much external parameters to be completely bullet proof. I’m not simping, I just find myself obliged to have empathy for the humans that are behind the project. They are not immune to mistakes, and coding an engine is hard, that’s how I explain myself the huge delay in the game development, but maybe I’m wrong. I personally don’t find the game unplayable, I would like to know why you think that way. It doesn’t have a lot of features and assets but almost everything that is implemented works fine. The only real issues are crashes and unstable network. Which is why I think Bohemia concentrates all of its developer’s power on the engine stability. I think a lot of the assets planned on the roadmap are already done, they are just waiting to release them. (Some screenshots show for example civilian vehicles already moddeled, and some fix updates talk about helicopters). Releasing a big feature/asset update after the core game is fixed will allow Bohemia to regain players and keep them on the long term. Releasing features in a game that still crashes will just create more frustration among players. « Nice helicopters Bohemia, but I can’t even play your game, is this how you treat your community? » I already imagine comments like these. Fancy stuff is the ultimate trump card to regain players, and it would be unwise to use it with the game still unstable. This is why no fancy stuff for now. If this is indeed their strategy, I understand it and would have done the same. Something you stated I have to disagree with. “Modders have already covered a lot of the stuff on the roadmap”. Would like to know what you have in mind. Building destruction, freeform building for conflict, electricity network, wildlife, ai vehicle driving, unconscious state of character, fuel system… I don’t think I’ve seen any of these features as mods. That is pretty much everything that is on the roadmap, apart from new weapons and vehicles. And the modded weapons and vehicles I happened to test were reusing sounds and animations already present in the game, so made by Bohemia… That’s subjective but for example I personally prefer to wait for vanilla helicopters. I’m pretty sure their 3D models, sounds, and flight physics will be vastly superior to what we have with mods now. Not to belittle the work of modders, they do amazing stuff for free which I’m not able to do and thanks to them I had a lot of fun in Arma 3, but they just don’t have the time and money of a studio, that’s why saying that they are doing the job of Bohemia creators is unfair I think. Bohemia does live records of military vehicles and weapons sounds, travel to different countries to take pictures of the environment and recreate hand crafted maps… that is work that takes time, effort and money. They just don’t have the same priorities and workflow that modders have. Comparing their work would be unfair. Modders can release broken and work in progress stuff, and even abandon a project when they don’t feel like going on anymore. A studio can’t, at least not to that extent. The whole situation we’re actually in proves it. Now for the lack of communication. I agree with you Bohemia are scarce in the info they give us, but in my opinion not telling everything is different than lying, and I just think they keep things for themselves because the game industry is a business after all. As you said they have a marketing image to maintain, they spent some money to build it, and it would be too risky to openly talk about all the problems that the game might have. That’s how the capitalist world works, I don’t really know what we can do about that. When the internet is angry, sometimes silence is the best strategy. Apart from not buying their games, I don’t know if openly complaining will change something if there is indeed malicious intent at Bohemia. You know a couple months ago I too wished for more frequent news to be released, but I thought about it rationally and asked myself, what would Bohemia tell us if they would give 30 minutes weekly interviews ? If the code is broken, the code is broken, there is nothing much else to do than taking the time to fix it. I don’t think they would have anything informative to tell us, so they don’t. They already stated “guys, we are aware the code is broken, that wasn’t expected, we are fixing it, please wait, sorry.” I think Bohemia are indeed exchanging with the community, but probably only with what I would call valuable members, not random dudes on forums like us. Known modders, administrators of famous milsim communities, hosts of busy multiplayer servers etc… People that are worth investing time to communicate with, that will give valuable info on how to fix and improve the game. For everyone else we can can report an issue or give feedback on the feedback tracker. Suppose Bohemia would give an interview, and would say exactly what I've theorized. "The engine is broken and it takes a heck of a lot of time to fix it, and we don't want to release features until it's fixed". Would that be satisfying for you ? I'm curious ^^. Again, I don't think the community is letting slide what is happening. Just look at the huge amounts of bad reviews on Steam and the tons of complaints on forums. I think Bohemia knows that a lot of players aren't happy, I don't know if complaining even more will change anything, that's just what I'm trying to say, but maybe I'm wrong. I've not set the bar way too low, I didn't even set it in the first place haha. Don't expect anything, and you won’t be disappointed, that's the philosophy I try to go by (easier said than done). I personally would like a game that mixes the war simulation and open world of Arma, BeamNG vehicle physics, civilian life of Grand Theft Auto, and smooth gun animations of Battlefield. I know that will never happen, so I stopped wishing for it. I’ll be honest I’m a bit disappointed too at the state of things, so I understand what you’re feeling, but I see all these angry people already and I just don’t want to rub salt in the wound. I try to be original and give emotional support instead of complaining on stuff that are out of my control anyway ^^. Anyway, May 17 is coming soon, the date of the first anniversary of Arma Reforger, let's hope Bohemia has prepared something nice for the occasion.
  5. Bohemia stated that they have been a little ambitious with the release schedule of the milestone updates, and according to them that is due to the technical difficulties they are encountering with their new enfusion engine, which they built from the ground up. I'm no developer but I assume this in itself is no easy task. They are focusing for now on a lot of invisible code work to make the game more stable before adding new features (take a look at the huge list of crash fixes in the update report). We don't see a lot of progress from a player's point of view but behind the scenes a lot of things are being fixed without us knowing. Day by day the engine is being worked on to be ready for Arma 4. That is the intent of Arma Reforger after all. You bring up all the negative aspects of the game's current state, but it would be unfair to forget about all the good things the new engine brings for the Arma series too. It runs quite smooth, the graphics and lighting are really pretty, the physics and audio have been reworked, (we will have full destruction of interior furniture and buildings in the future), working radios, vehicles animations, etc... This is all real proof of the effort that was already done by the people at Bohemia. I'm not a modder but I think a lot of them are super happy about the new tools they have access to thanks to the new engine, and that too is probably a lot of code work that we don't see if we don't use them. I wasn't able to play multiplayer for a month after the initial release so I understand the frustration of the bugs that still remain but, don't forget we are in early access. Why not give Bohemia the time to improve the game that is still in preview stage, wait for the 1.0 update, and then judge Arma Reforger for what it will be on the official release ? If the game won't meet the expectations, then everyone will be in their rights to complain. I say let's wait, cheer on Bohemia for the time being, help them by reporting the bugs, and hope for the best 😄
  6. I think the stolen radio feature will become extra relevant when the "full freeform building" update will roll out, so I'm in favor of keeping it in the game. Can't wait to play conflict mode with this feature. We will have to form recon teams to try and locate the ennemy's outposts, and come up with strategies to build and hide our own bases. Stealing an ennemy radio might prove very useful to get intel about their plans if they aren't too careful. Conflict sure promises to be an awesome gamemode in the future. Good luck Bohemia !
  7. Shurilex


    It already dropped my dude ^^ By the way, I was wrong about the island. Does someone know if it is indeed inspired from a real life location ? I admit I'm a little bit sad that it doesn't have a Norwegian seeting with red little houses as I thought it would, but really cool to have a new terrain nonetheless ! (I don't understand the whole Malden islands concept though. Malden is a mediterranean island whereas Everon / Arland are located in the baltic ^^) The bunkers are really cool (still not true underground but heh, maybe one day ^^) can't wait to see the lights working in them. I hope the overall indoor lighting of the enfusion engine will be improved, because as of now when you are in a closed space during the day (for exemple in the crypt of a church on Everon), it's not dark at all inside as it should be. Having the door open of a room without windows really should flood it with light and when it's closed everything should go dark. In the bunkers the flashlight during the day barely works at all for example. Hope to see those red stops lights of vehicles illuminating the ground like they do in the screenshots ! (And maybe even the smoke of the exhaust fumes, I remember Mafia II did this)
  8. Hello, Does someone know what the bullet icons in front of players names mean ? They are displayed on the player list. Sometimes there is none, sometimes one bullet and rarely 3 bullets. See screenshot link below, I marked the area in red. It's doesn't seem to be linked to rank nor squad leader, so what are they for ? Thank you 😃 https://imgur.com/a/VxMz9D4
  9. I'm using this thread to make a request to the devs about an aspect of the radio. Can you do something about the permanent broadcast of the platoon channel ? I understand the logic behind it, but it's super annoying when other players use it as a casual conversation channel. This should be an emergency only or important intel only channel. Because of all the noise, I always end up switching off my radio altogether to play in silence but then I can't transmit or receive on my group channel anymore. My request is to have the possibility to turn off the platoon channel without disabling the entire radio, so I can still talk with my direct teammates in peace and silence when we need it. (Or if you have another solution of course). Thanks !
  10. Hello, I spotted a VOR antenna next to Everon's airport, and I was asking myself if it was just there for the looks or if it was planned to be functional in upcoming updates or Arma 4. I'm asking because it's the first time I see this asset in Arma, and due to the fact that we are in 1989 (so still no GPS in the army if what I read is right ?), I was wondering if there will be some kind of simple navigation systems for aircrafts to navigate in bad weather. I know we are not in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and obviously this is a small island with only one runway so probably not necessary but I always find these kind of details and mechanics awesome. ^^ (I learned about VORs in FSX so when I saw it I was, Woo ! I know what this is ! x) I have to say I really dig this analog era for Arma. Without a position marker on the map it should prove to be really fun and challenging for helos to drop out and pick up troops at night without gps to navigate. There will be more use of flares, flashlights, radio communication and use of time and compass. Really cool ! (Especially with the upcoming electricity mechanic of the island, during a blackout no more city lights for helos to locate themselves in the sky !)
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    Should we do bets on the real life location ? ^^ Seems to me Bohemia often uses real life places for their maps in Arma. Since they called this Arland, it will probably be one of the Aland Islands. They said it will be a summer setting so no snow for now unfortunately. Anyway, I'm betting on Sottunga, I don't know why, it has an Arma feel to it. It's not really 4x4 km though. Google Maps Photo Edit 11.11.2022 : Okay after seeing the new screenshot, seems the new island has some hills, which Sottunga doesn't have, being mostly flat. So I'll place my new bet on Kumlinge. I hesitate with the Vardo island too because to me the shape of its borders, configuration of its roads and presence of big lakes is more interesting, but Kumlinge has an airstrip so... Also, the screenshot inside the generator room is super intriguing ! I hope this means improvement of lighting and gameplay inside underground locations / facilities ? Can't wait for the new solo/co-op game mode too ! I love scenarios, and the Arma 3 engine already proved to be able at making awesome gameplay mechanics (I'm looking at your Laws of War DLC and the "rewind time" campaign), so I can't wait to see how scripted events and interactions will look like in Arma Reforger/4 scenarios !
  12. Shurilex

    AI dynamic cover system?

    I’m digging up this topic to add my two cents on AI behavior. Two things : - AI is too aggressive and doesn’t care for their life when engaged by a visible target. The side who engages first should have the advantage. - AI should not be able to pinpoint your position inside an enclosed vehicle (ex BTR 70). 1. When engaged first, AI sees you from very far away and returns fire immediately even before taking cover. Too often this ends up in a fight where you have to take down all the enemies as fast as possible and pray that their randomized aiming doesn’t kill you first. This is particularly infuriating when you try to do suppressive fire. Because the AI doesn’t care for their lives, and you as the player do, you end up being the one running for cover after they return fire from their open position without another care in the world. Now you are at disadvantage because you’re the one who have to peek out to return fire, even though you saw and shot first. And let me say you should be returning fire quickly, because AI if not given the defend command start tracking you down like you’re the most wanted criminal in the world. This results in a dilemma, peeking out and risk death, or stay behind cover and risk an enemy approaching you from the side and killing you too. How it should be : When idle AI are engaged by players and bullets start to crack past their head, they should have a few seconds of “panic state” where they run for cover, or if no cover just run. Now that a couple enemies made it to cover, they are at a disadvantage because they are the one who have to peek out if they want to return fire. If they do so, the players can shoot them first with less risk of being killed, or just continue suppressive fire and prevent the enemy from coming out. The priority of AI should not be to try and seek you from an open position unless you are really close, and should not return fire on the way. Maybe a small percentage of chosen Rambo soldiers could… As a player when I start taking fire I don't stay still and start looking for the ennemy, I run or hide. AI should too. The AI have also the annoying tendency of hunting you down if not given the “defend” command from the game master. This might be cool in some scenarios, but when under fire I don’t think that the first thought of the AI should be “hey look an enemy ! He has a sniper rifle, shoots from a window and we are in the middle of field. Let’s run towards his position and track him down while he shoots at us. He is probably alone anyway and we don’t risk stumbling upon a whole squad that might kill us”. The only scenario where the AI runs for cover and doesn’t return fire, and that’s nice, is when I snipe them down from 500m away hidden in a bush and they don’t have a way to see me. They run backwards and hide in forests and behind walls. But what would be cool is that once they are behind cover, they could do suppressive fire in the approximate direction of the sniper position if they can hear it. 2. As of know AI automatically knows if a vehicle is occupied and where the enemy is situated inside the vehicle, resulting in AI sniping you down like they see through walls. It would be nice to implement some code for the IA to randomize where they shoot at a vehicle (or maybe only at the driver and gunner position if they see the vehicle and turret moving). But if the vehicle is parked, the engine off and the turret immobile, the enemy should not automatically know if the vehicle is occupied and engage it, so that if someone wants to hide in the passenger compartment they could do so and have a chance at surviving. On the contrary maybe add a feature in game master (I think it was not present in Arma 3 zeus), for the AI to engage an empty target, as if they wanted to sabotage it, or maybe because they don’t know if it’s occupied or not, they decide to shoot at it nonetheless. Of course, I’m not talking about jeeps where you clearly see if someone is sitting inside or not. In conclusion, AI should value their life more, and have a configurable percentage of nearsightedness and reckless behavior. Moreover, they shouldn't know if there is still someone alive in a vehicle if there is no sign of it being occupied or still occupied after being hit already.
  13. Shurilex

    Arma is awesome

    I don’t know if any member of the team at Bohemia will read this, but I needed to tell you this, even though I’m just a random person on this planet. This is just a thank you letter and me rambling about why I like this game because I don’t have a therapist anymore. The game is outstanding so far, I fell in love with Arma 3 in 2013 and I can’t wait for all the future updates of Reforger and obviously for Arma 4. Thanks for the Enfusion engine and all the improvements that come with it (better performance, smooth animations, gunplay feeling, jumping and climbing, entering vehicles, vehicles handling and interactions and interiors, water puddles forming when raining, overall lighting, clouds shadow effects, sound design…). The vehicles and weapons models are super nice, and a lot of the rifles have a nice punch to them and are super fun and satisfying to shoot with. I think Arma 3 lacked in that department, and now a lot of the clunkiness is gone with Reforger, which is awesome. 3D scopes are fire. I think I need a new graphics card though. Music ! Like, what the hell ? I couldn't believe my ears. I was walking in game master solo to test out the game and discover the map (because the online was broken for me at that time), and then suddenly, ambiant music ! I thought to myself, what is this, am I in minercaft ? I don't know if you had a lot of feedback for this yet, but I have to tell you, this is a really smart and appreciated addition to the game. It adds feels. And sometimes the themes are kind of ominous you know. The eerie music combined to the fact that I'm alone on this island really got to me. I felt the loneliness, and that something obscure and mysterious might happen. Is Arma hiding a horror twist somewhere ? We have to talk about the creepy ambient background noise that plays at night when you are in a dark forest too... (It's awesome don't delete it, but really what are you hiding ?) 3D compasses handheld by the character and wiggling as you move. Nice. No GPS, no position on the map. You just feel like you are back in time. You have to do things more analog style you know. I love it. Animations when entering vehicles. Hnghn. Finally. Awesome but, finally ! Please make this a standard for every vehicles, even tanks in Arma 4 where the animation might be more complex (character has to climb on the tank and drop inside the hatch). I hope if there is something like the M1 Abrams, that there will be turret interiors too, and animations for the crewman loader, who has to load the shell inside the canon before shouting "UP !". Having to start the engine, super nice. Now that you've added a handbrake mechanic, please make this realistic to the point where if a player forgets to pull it before leaving, the car starts to roll down the hill. It would be just too much fun. Handheld flashlights. Cool. You know, Arma is a game that made me learn a lot about military equipment and how rifles work in real life as opposed to other games and movies. Things like bullet drop, the crack sound they make due to supersonic speed, that they ricochet, the fact that rifles lose accuracy and it’s super hard to shoot at a target from far away, that tanks don’t explode after being hit by a single RPG, and that tracer bullets are a real thing and not laser beams shooting in the sky. But one thing I’ll remember forever is when I experienced my first nighttime in Arma 3. There wasn’t any moonlight to brighten the environment, and I was in the middle of nowhere without any source of lighting. I was like, what the fuck is this game, I can’t see shit. Wait, what did you say ? Oh, is this how dark is the night in real life when you don’t live in a city with public lighting ? Hell, I didn’t know that… I still couldn’t see though, like, anything. But the stars were pretty. Please keep this kind of realism forever. The radios and the bleeding mechanic are a nice touch from the start and a really needed feature. I hope the medical mechanics of the game will get a lot of improvement in the future (I saw they will in the next update, but I still hope for awesomeness, you know, dragging bodies, putting an incapacitated teammate in a vehicle, having to extract him to a field hospital and abort the mission…). Maybe a more hardcore pvp or pve game mode with a limited number of deaths, forcing the players to get injured players back to the base via ground or aerial means and avoid losing a respawn ticket (but that may prove to be impractical). The addition of the conflict game mode from the get go is a really nice idea too. Even if a lot of players will do milsim on private servers, this really helps get into the game with less hassle than Arma 3. Also this game mode seems to be on a really good path to become something meaningful for a game like Arma (the addition of the supplies mechanics is nice). I always found game modes with battlefield style combat like king of the hill really dumb for this game. I admit that I played it a bit, but it’s really not what Arma was made for. Nevertheless, PvP is exciting, in certain aspects more fun than PvE (smart ennemy), but it lacks the scenario part, and scenarios are awesome. I wish I could find a private PvP server one day with a game master to get the best of both worlds. I always thought realistic war PvP combat is impossible to do on public servers. But on a private one ? That would be the best experience for me. The map, the map is beautiful. I really think this is the department where you Bohemia shine the most, and you probably know it. There are a lot of games with spectacular art direction that blew me away and made me feel a myriad of emotions, that’s for sure, but the maps in Arma have a unique feeling of authenticity and freedom to them which I can’t find in any other game. And the military sandbox aspect of it all always makes my imagination rush when I discover a peculiar spot on the terrain. I say to myself, this place would make for an epic multiplayer battle, or, this would be a fantastic location to start the story of a custom solo campaign. A castle, a steep path in the mountains, ruins of a watermill in the forest, the shore of a lake, a lonely house with a pond at the edge of the island… Sometimes I just want to take a walk in the forest and immerse myself in the beauty of the vegetation, admire the dead leaves and mossy rocks, hear the rustling of the bushes and the tree branches cracking under my feet… Until an enemy appears behind a tree, gunshots start to ring out, and all this calm and relaxing atmosphere becomes the theater of operations of a large-scale war. I hope for a winter terrain in Arma 4, with snowstorms, white military camouflage and snow cracking under my feet. Hmpf. Maybe more underground mechanics and better lighting of enclosed spaces (bunkers with lots of corridors and missile silos). Maybe terrain deformation ? If it’s possible with Enfusion. (I saw objects destruction will have a lot of improvement soon, can’t wait for that). Without transition, I want to say that I love all the possibilities of stories and gameplay Arma gives to the player, and I hope the team will continue this awesome work on this awesome series for a long time ! This might be overexaggerated, but Arma is one of those things for me, a piece of art you just love and immerse yourself in, like your favorite music or movie, you experience it and it allows you to escape everything else for a moment in your life. And I can’t wait, I can’t wait for the things to come in the next updates, and the things to come in Arma 4. I hope we will see in it all the features already deployed in Arma 3 (firing from vehicles, sling loading…) and much much more. I wish you the best, keep up the amazing work you do, and I hope for more stability in Reforger multiplayer of course ! 😄
  14. Shurilex

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    Oh okay ! Thanks for the answers !
  15. Shurilex

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    Hello there, I noticed a new HUD icon for the AL6 drone, it looks like a little bottle of vitamins ^^. Screenshot below. Any idea what does it stands for ? Thanks ! All the new content is looking really great, love all the new very well detailed eden editor items and furniture, thanks for all the content and features so far Bohemia.