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  1. james7347@hotmail.com

    Class names

    Thanks Kamkill for the help but no luck mate, I am getting the same error. I have messaged one of the developers to see if they can help.
  2. james7347@hotmail.com

    Class names

    Hi I am trying to set up a warlords server using Global Mob. However I am struggling with only using the units from Global mob. Is there a list of every man and vehicle that I can cut and past from to put in the ini box in the warlords faction box. Any help with this would be great (at 54 its just getting harder).
  3. james7347@hotmail.com

    Class names

    Thanks for the advice Kamkill but its the same.
  4. james7347@hotmail.com

    Class names

    Hmmm I am struggling here a little bit. I keep getting an error of "missing ;" I have entered the following in to the init box in the war lords init box, class CfgWLFactionAssets { class WEST { class InfantryUnits { gm_ge_army_antitank_assistant_g3a3_pzf44_80_ols {}; gm_ge_army_antitank_assistant_g3a3_pzf44_parka_80_ols {}; gm_ge_army_antitank_g3a3_milan_80_ols {}; gm_ge_army_crew_80_oli {}; gm_ge_army_crew_mp2a1_80_oli_antiair {}; gm_ge_army_crew_mp2a1_80_oli_armor {}; gm_ge_army_crew_mp2a1_80_oli_artillery {}; gm_ge_army_crew_mp2a1_80_oli_mechinf {}; gm_ge_army_demolition_g3a4_80_ols {}; gm_ge_army_engineer_g3a4_80_oli {}; gm_ge_army_grenadier_g3a3_80_ols {}; gm_ge_army_machinegunner_assistant_g3a3_mg3_80_ols {}; gm_ge_army_machinegunner_mg3_80_ols {}; gm_ge_army_medic_g3a3_80_ols {}; gm_ge_army_officer_p1_80_ols {}; gm_ge_army_platoonleader_g3a3_p2a1_parka_80_ols {}; gm_ge_army_rifleman_80_ols {}; gm_ge_army_squadleader_g3a3_p2a1_80_ols {}; }; }; class EAST // --- OPFOR { class InfantryUnits { gm_gc_army_antitank_assistant_mpiak74n_rpg7_80_str {}; gm_gc_army_antitank_mpiak74n_fagot_80_str {}; gm_gc_army_antitank_mpiak74n_rpg7_80_str {}; gm_gc_army_crew_mpiaks74nk_80_blk {}; gm_gc_army_demolition_mpiaks74n_80_str {}; gm_gc_army_engineer_mpiaks74n_80_str {}; gm_gc_army_machinegunner_assistant_mpiak74n_lmgrpk74_80_str {}; gm_gc_army_machinegunner_assistant_mpiak74n_lmgrpk_80_str {}; gm_gc_army_machinegunner_assistant_mpiak74n_pk_80_str {}; gm_gc_army_machinegunner_lmgrpk74_80_str {}; gm_gc_army_machinegunner_lmgrpk_80_str {}; gm_gc_army_machinegunner_pk_80_str {}; gm_gc_army_officer_pm_80_str {}; gm_gc_army_rifleman_mpiak74n_80_str {}; gm_gc_army_squadleader_mpiak74n_80_str {}; gm_gc_bgs_rifleman_mpikm72_80_str {}; }; }; Any help would be great please.
  5. james7347@hotmail.com

    Class names

    Hi Yxman Thanks for the reply and the information. Looks like a lot of cut and paste, I will give it a bash.