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  1. Can't use this on my Windows 2016 dedicated server, no window pops up for me to enter my SteamGuard code.
  2. GibboDaBeast

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Hello everyone, Having a bit of trouble getting TFR fully working on my dedicated server. I have done everything correctly regarding installation because I have set it up many times without fail in the past, But this time I cant work out what it is doing it so have come here seeking advice. The mod is on the server and we have the plugin on Teamspeak. When loaded in on the server it says "No task force radio deployed on the server.". Although the local chat works fine and we can even turn the mode from yelling, Whispering and back to normal. But when we have a radio equipped we cant seem to speak on it or even bring up the radio interface. We can get the radio up in vehicles but once set to the same channel and frequency we fail to communicate to each other. No mods are conflicting with it because we tested it on its own with Community Based Addons installed of course and we still had the same problem. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks If anymore information is required please do not hesitate to ask. FIXED: I must of been having a moment. The mod was called @task_force_radio and in the parameters I had it as @taskforceradio.