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  1. Interestingly, I have been unable to duplicate this behavior without using an FSM. The Marid will stop to engage targets when using an equivalent script, even if I also throw in a disableAI "fsm" on each crew member. I also tried "move", but that gave the same results. If anyone knows how to get ARMA to treat a script the same way it treats FSMs, I'd appreciate it. Here's my FSM equivalent script: Edit: My continued testing with this stuff has shown me that the FSM technique only works with wheeled vehicles; cars and wheeled APCs. They reliably drive past infantry while engaging them. It just won't work with tracked vehicles; tanks and tracked APCs. The controller is different, and the controller for tracked vehicles just doesn't seem to provide a way to run and gun. The only way that I've found to prevent a tracked vehicle from stopping is to make sure that it doesn't see the enemies by using commander _vehicle disableAI "checkvisible" The commander will never see any targets and so never direct his crew to stop and engage them. The problem with this, of course, is that that the vehicle doesn't engage anything. On the upside, this does allow for vehicles to reliably move from point A to point B without the crew turning out (which is a problem with the setBehaviour "careless" approach). Note that the driver is still aware of the presence of other units because he will drive around them. My attempt to move the tracked vehicle's gunner to his own group, reveal a target for him manually, and tell him to fire manually - failed. A targetsQuery on the gunner shows the revealed target, but the turret never moves and he never fires. Perhaps I'll just have to live with turning checkvisible on and off. On when it's okay to shoot and off when I want the vehicle to move without being turned out.
  2. I completed a first cut FSM for APCs. It allows an AI crew with commander to move to a destination location while the gunner engages targets. I can't claim anything definitive, but repeated runs through bunches of infantry saw no stops. If the FSM is used on a tank, the vehicle will still stop to engage targets, so something different is needed there. Thanks, Bohemia. The core is pretty much as above: { _x disableAI "target"; _x disableAI "autotarget"; _x disableAI "autocombat"; } forEach [driver _unit, commander _unit]; commander _unit allowDamage false; _unit setUnloadInCombat [false, false]; _unit doMove _destination; Apparently, checkVisible had to stay enabled so the commander could spot targets for the gunner. Without it, the gunner is useless. The target selection and shooting is handled manually by the FSM, allowing the code to choose targets on whatever criteria is desired. at whatever frequency desired, etc. It's all done with targetsQuery, doTarget, and fireAtTarget. If that part of the FSM is turned off, the vehicle will just drive along seemingly without any concern for enemies. Here's the full FSM as a spoiler. I couldn't figure out attachments.
  3. Thanks for the post. Aircraft aren't a problem. I have Kajman gunships doing paradrops and cleanly exiting the area as their gunners rake enemies with the chin gun. The difference is in the makeup of the crews, and I'm certain that Bohemia has different code for air crews versus ground crews. In aircraft, the pilot appears to be in charge, so the aircraft goes where he says, and the gunner is obliged to shoot at whatever the pilot says. If the pilot's waypoint is careless, he just flies there, and the gunner seems free to engage whatever he likes as they fly along. In contrast, when a vehicle has a commander seat, the commander of the ground vehicle is directing both driver and gunner. It seems built-in to ARMA that the commander doesn't multitask; he can't just let the driver go where the vehicle is headed while leaving the gunner to engage whatever he sees. The commander is either taking the vehicle to its destination or he's engaging enemies. There is no middle ground. This seems to be true regardless of the group structure of the crew. Here's the setup before the doMove in the FSM: _unit = _this select 0; _destination = _this select 1; { _x disableAI "target"; _x disableAI "autotarget"; _x disableAI "autocombat"; _x disableAI "suppression"; _x disableAI "checkvisible"; _x disableAI "cover"; } forEach [driver _unit, commander _unit]; commander _unit allowDamage false; _unit setUnloadInCombat [false, false]; _unit allowCrewInImmobile true; As I've been working on this for the past couple hours, I've found that I can do _unit doTarget _target; and _unit fireAtTarget _target; to get the weapon to fire. It's not a very good implementation right now because the tracking of the turret is off, and fireAtTarget causes the weapon to fire regardless of the aim direction, but I'm out of time for this evening so I'll get back to it tomorrow, including an aimedAtTarget check, etc. Another tidbit of information is that to get a crew with a commander tracking and firing at a target, you doTarget the commander, then doFire both commander and gunner. This is true if you have them in a blue combatMode group (which is what I did for some isolated testing). A crew with only driver and gunner (e.g. Ifrit) can use doTarget and doFire on the gunner. Note that when using fireAtTarget, I just doTarget the vehicle itself. red combatMode didn't have any effect. The gun turrets just point around randomly. Remember that this is for a crew with a commander. As for the gunner in his own group, I certainly tried many combinations of groups for the crew, and without success. If the gunner is in his own group, he will not acquire and shoot targets on his own; he appears to need the commander to tell him to shoot. The same is true of the driver. If he's on his own, he won't drive. I may be suffering from pilot error here, so I can always go back and recheck this stuff. There are simply far too many moving parts and their impact isn't entirely clear.
  4. As I cannot post new threads, I'm replying to this one. I'm attempting to get a Marid to just go to its waypoint. I want its gunner to continue to engage targets, but for the vehicle to keep moving. I've read countless threads of people trying to do this very thing. Nobody ever came up with a solution. I've gone through as many experiments on my own as I can stomach in a four day period. Careless, split groups, disableAI permutations, FSM performing direct control over each crew member, etc. Ultimately, the closest that I've gotten is to use an FSM to do a bunch of disableAIs on driver and commander, with a doMove to get the vehicle moving. That vehicle will drive right through everything and anything with the crew buttoned up - but the gunner won't shoot. He'll even look at enemies, but he won't shoot. I assume what's going on here is that the commander is responsible for assigning targets, and since he's disabled for such activities, the gunner doesn't get targets, and so he doesn't have anything to shoot. However, i further pushed my FSM to manually doTarget and doFire. I just picked anything that the gunner knew about and had him fire at that for five seconds at a time. Despite being given the commands, not a shot was fired. The target is being assigned, but he Just. Won't. Shoot. I tried another experiment with a Hunter, manually directing it to target and shoot me. It would also look at me but not fire. So I broke out a Marid again while I was set captive. Directed him to shoot at me. Didn't even point at me. Turn off captive and he starts blasting away. I have this nagging belief that the vehicle crew is being managed in a strict hierarchy, where the commander tells both gunner and driver what to do. If the commander isn't present, then the gunner tells the driver what to do. So it looks like Bohemia [long and unpleasant rant deleted] has essentially designed out any possibility of having a driver driving separately from a gunner gunning. They are always linked. If the vehicle is intent on reaching a destination, it cannot shoot. If it is intent on engaging enemies, it will not pursue its destination. Worst of all, that behavior seems so fundamental that there is no way to circumvent it. Does anyone have any insights on this? Can I orient and fire the turret without an AI in it? Can I play with multiple factions on the crew such that the gunner is AAF and the rest of the crew is CSAT? Will the CSAT commander still give orders to an AAF gunner? I'm more than a little burnt out on this idiocy and would appreciate some help from anyone else who has tackled this methodically. It's a fundamental task for an IFV yet ARMA cannot pull it off.
  5. Square brackets _this animate ["HideTurret", 1];