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  1. is there any tutorial for that a link somehow? the codes?
  2. Well I wanted to change the tank's 120mm Damage and Pen values right away is there any possible way to find the 120mm file for it and increase its damage and pen somehow?
  3. Steven Del

    I have a problem with my Mod need help

    Still not working Im giving up
  4. How about fire power values? and how to change hit points? is there a tutorial... because I really don't have any skills at all
  5. Steven Del

    I have a problem with my Mod need help

    Il give those a shot a tomorrow the enitre sounds are not even working could it be a wav file problem? but when I hit something the firing sounds starts.. its like instead of squeezing the trigger to make the firing sounds... I have to hit something to start the fire sounds
  6. Steven Del

    I have a problem with my Mod need help

    Still the same thing no changes at all
  7. Steven Del

    I have a problem with my Mod need help

    Okay New problem since I am new to modding how do I now make this into a pbo file? im now getting error code 1073741819
  8. Steven Del

    I have a problem with my Mod need help

    Hello George this is my entire code class CfgPatches { class DSR50 { units[]={}; weapons[]={}; requiredVersion=0.100000; }; }; class Mode_SemiAuto; class Mode_Burst; class Mode_FullAuto; class CfgWeapons { class arifle_MX_Base_F; class DSR50: arifle_MX_Base_F { displayName="DSR-50"; scope=2; picture="\ARMA3-Sniper-weapons\DSR-50\VGUI\DSR_00_00_00.paa"; soundBegin[]= { "begin1", 0.500000, "begin2", 0.500000 }; reloadAction="ReloadGM6"; closure1[]= { "A3\sounds_f\weapons\closure\closure_rifle_6", 1.584890, 1, 30 }; closure2[]= { "A3\sounds_f\weapons\closure\closure_rifle_7", 1.584890, 1, 30 }; recoil="recoil_single_mx"; drySound[]= { "ARMA3-Sniper-weapons\L96\sound\L96 Pull.wav", 0.562341, 1, 10 }; handAnim[]= { "OFP2_ManSkeleton", "\A3\Weapons_F\Rifles\MX\data\Anim\MX_cqc.rtm" }; reloadMagazineSound[]= { "ARMA3-Sniper-weapons\L96\sound\L96 Mag In.wav", 0.398107, 1, 30 }; model="ARMA3-Sniper-weapons\DSR-50\DSR50.p3d"; magazines[]= { "50BMG_5rndsDSR50" }; class WeaponSlotsInfo { allowedslots[]={901}; mass=4; class MuzzleSlot { access=1; linkProxy="\A3\data_f\proxies\weapon_slots\MUZZLE"; compatibleItems[]={}; scope=0; }; class CowsSlot { access=1; compatibleitems[]= { "iansky_rx01", "iansky_rds", "optic_tws_mg", "optic_tws", "optic_Hamr", "optic_Arco", "optic_NVS", "optic_Nightstalker", "optic_Holosight_smg", "optic_ACO_grn_smg", "optic_Aco_smg", "optic_SOS", "optic_Holosight", "optic_ACO", "optic_MRCO", "FHQ_optic_ACOG", "FHQ_optic_AIM", "FHQ_optic_AIM_tan", "FHQ_optic_HWS_G33", "FHQ_optic_HWS", "FHQ_optic_HWS_tan", "FHQ_optic_HWS_G33_tan", "FHQ_optic_ACOG_tan", "FHQ_optic_MicroCCO", "FHQ_optic_MicroCCO_tan", "FHQ_optic_MicroCCO_low", "FHQ_optic_MicroCCO_low_tan", "FHQ_optic_LeupoldERT", "FHQ_optic_LeupoldERT_tan", "R3F_AIMPOINT", "R3F_AIMPOINT_DES", "R3F_EOTECH", "R3F_EOTECH_DES", "R3F_J4", "R3F_J4_DES", "R3F_FELIN", "R3F_FELIN_DES", "R3F_J8", "R3F_J8_DES", "R3F_J8_MILDOT", "R3F_J8_MILDOT_DES", "R3F_J10", "R3F_J10_DES", "R3F_J10_MILDOT", "R3F_J10_MILDOT_DES", "R3F_NF", "R3F_NF_DES", "R3F_ZEISS", "R3F_ZEISS_DES", "R3F_OB50" }; displayname="Optics Slot"; linkproxy="\A3\data_f\proxies\weapon_slots\TOP"; scope=0; }; class PointerSlot { access=1; compatibleitems[]= { "acc_flashlight", "acc_pointer_IR", "FHQ_acc_ANPEQ15", "FHQ_acc_LLM01L", "FHQ_acc_LLM01F", "R3F_LAMPE_SURB", "R3F_LAMPE_SURB_DES", "R3F_POINTEUR_SURB", "R3F_POINTEUR_SURB_DES", "R3F_PIRAT", "R3F_PIRAT_DES" }; displayname="Pointer Slot"; linkproxy="\A3\data_f\proxies\weapon_slots\SIDE"; scope=0; }; }; modes[]= { "Single" }; class Single: Mode_SemiAuto { recoil="recoil_single_gm6"; recoilProne="recoil_single_prone_gm6"; begin1[]= { "ARMA3-Sniper-weapons\DSR-50\sound\fire.wav", 1.412540, 1, 1200 }; begin2[]= { "ARMA3-Sniper-weapons\DSR-50\sound\fire.wav", 1.412540, 1, 1200 }; soundBegin[]= { "begin1", 0.500000, "begin2", 0.500000 }; closure1[]= { "ARMA3-Sniper-weapons\L96\sound\L96 Pull.wav", 1.584890, 1, 30 }; closure2[]= { "ARMA3-Sniper-weapons\L96\sound\L96 Pull.wav", 1.584890, 1, 30 }; soundClosure[]= { "closure1", 0.500000, "closure2", 0.500000 }; class StandardSound: BaseSoundModeType { begin1[]= { "ARMA3-Sniper-weapons\DSR-50\sound\fire.wav", 7.9432826, 1, 2200 }; begin2[]= { "ARMA3-Sniper-weapons\DSR-50\sound\fire.wav", 7.9432826, 1, 2200 }; soundBegin[]= { "begin1", 0.5, "begin2", 0.5 }; weaponSoundEffect="DefaultRifle"; dispersion=0.000180; soundContinuous=0; reloadTime=1.500000; minRange=2; minRangeProbab=0.100000; midRange=250; midRangeProbab=0.700000; maxRange=350; maxRangeProbab=0.050000; aiRateOfFire=3; aiRateOfFireDistance=500; }; }; };
  9. Hello Im making my mod and I have a problem the gun does not have any sound effects when I trigger or fire the gun.. It will have a sound when I actually hit something... And I also get this error message in the image below. Can anyone help me with the coding? did I miss something please help! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1713552572123830&set=a.100732796739157&type=3&theater
  10. Hello, I like to change the MBT 52 KUMA TANK ARMOUR values I wanted it to increase so How do I do it? Please I am begging you my question has not been answered for 3 years now....
  11. Steven Del

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hello, Since the T-14 Armata is now on the game, I already know there is a Proto German Leopard 3 and it looks like a Leopard Revolution with a 130mm Gun there are link below. Make sure when this mod is made... It should beat the Armata Tank in the game because it has a 130mm Gun the armour, I done my research the Armata's Turret Armour is only 500mm it is not exactly thick.... I already did my research on the Leopard Revolution has an Turret armour around 1500mm. So please make it beat the Armata to see the difference when you compare it to the MBT Revolution.... Here is also a Leopard 3 proto video in youtube start on 0:23 Also the news for the German 130mm Rheinmetall Gun is right here below. http://defense-update.com/20160614_rheinmetall-ups-tank-firepower-with-new-130mm-gun.html Please someone make this Thanks, Sincerly
  12. Hi, Before reading is there a way to send this directly to bohemia because I like to talk to them I was asking about the ARMA 3 Tanks DLC pack what new tanks are gonna be added? I heard your are going to add a tank that is like the T-14 Armata... well I wanted a new tank something like the Leopard 3 Prototype, the Leopard 3 prototype has a 130mm Gun. It looked like the MBT revolution with some minor difference Now when you balance this hang on... The T-14 armata HAS NO "Turret armour" I have done my research and thats what they have claim but it has a really good crew protection so it has a 900mm Hull armour... The Leopard 3 or MBT Revolution has claimed to have 1500mm of armour and with a 130mm gun. I REALLY WANT TO SEE A GERMAN TANK COULD THERE BE A 2A7 PERHAPS?
  13. Steven Del

    I am New

    Hello may I ask some question since I am very new on this forum site, so who are the moderators here? Could anyone let me know where to find a way to give vehicles infinite ammo