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  1. I'll be curious if you see anything significant in there. BUT, I think I may have solved the issue. My headset, a SteelSeries Arctis Pro, has two output options: one for "game" and the other for "chat". I think that around the time the CTD started, I started using the "chat" output (I found that it sounded better). (BTW, the only input option, for the mic, is the "chat" option.) For some reason, as I kept going back over what could have changed, I stumbled into the idea that the audio could be a factor. I googled it, and saw that some others were having similar issues. So I tried the "game" output option, and it's been much more stable. I went through a whole 2+ hour session with my group with no crashes. For the moment, the problem seems solved. Fingers crossed.
  2. Here's a link to that file. I appreciate your looking at it.
  3. OK, here you go. This is the RPT from a crash using only Battleye (beyond vanilla).
  4. Thanks Gunter and Dedmen for taking time to look at the RPT and reply. I think you both may have missed where I said that the exact same crash to desktop happens when I'm playing on Vanilla (i.e., unmodded) servers, with zero mods. So while there are issues with some of the mods, over two dozen other people are playing with them and no problems, and I have the same issue without those mods. Dedmen, why do you think the -cpuCount=6 should not be used?
  5. Little update. (No, I still can't play right.) I've tried using the 32-bit executable. No change. I've tried redownloading the whole game to a new drive. No change. I've tried using MemTest to check my ram. No problems found. I did notice that when I tried to play with my group last night, I could connect and play (with about 24 players) for 40 minutes or so. Then I had a CTD. I reconnected and played for about 5 minutes before the next CTD. I reconnected and then it was only a minute or two before I crashed. The next two times when I tried to reconnect, as soon as I joined the server, CTD. So there's something that seems to be "getting worse" over time. Still looking for solutions!
  6. Gunter, the last RPT with the crash is almost 6000 lines long... it wouldn't fit in a Spoiler. So here it is as a G doc.
  7. Thanks for the reply, XerXesCZ. The answer is no. I just have a single GPU.
  8. I don't want to be that guy that says, "My game isn't working! Fix it, internet people!" But here I am looking for SOME clues. Any help will be much appreciated. System: Win 10; beefy 8700K with 1080, 32gb RAM; water cooling, 4.4ghz OC - can go to 5ghz, but keeping it conservative now. Multiple SSDs and HDs. Game and Win on SSDs. Been running Arma 3 for years without a problem like this. Using plenty of mods (mostly ACE3 and RHS, plus maps) -Standard kit of my unit. Symptoms: Game runs totally fine in SP. For hours. Sometimes, when joining MP game (on dedi server), game will run fine. But sometimes it will start crashing to desktop. Rejoining usually results in immediate crash again, but sometimes it takes a few minutes. I've run a two-hour op with no trouble, then the next op I am in game for 10 or 30 minutes, then it crashes out. Notes: Heat of CPU is not a problem. Tried using Steam to Verify Game Files Integrity...no change. Tried uninstalling whole game and reinstalling. Thought that fixed it, but on the 2nd op after that, it's crashing again. Tried checking HD and SSD status; doesn't seem to point to any issues. I've tried running without any mods, and I get the same crashes on public servers. Reports end with something like this: Fault time: 2019/09/25 18:26:40 Fault address: 8000A90E 00:8000A90E Unknown module file: co40_civil_war_v01 (__CUR_MP) world: pja310 Prev. code bytes: 00 00 48 8B 17 EB 5D 4C 8B 42 58 4D 85 C0 74 0E Fault code bytes: 49 8B 00 48 89 42 58 66 44 01 6A 74 EB 2E 4C 8B Does this point anyone to anything? Any suggestions?
  9. I wish I had an answer for you, Reeveli. I'm looking for something similar: how to just get vehicles placed on the map in the editor to stick with the looks I choose for them. Anyone know?
  10. Lucky TAW

    AI holster/shoulder weapon?

    Great question. And the opposite: how do we script an AI unit to holster or hide or at least lower their weapon/handgun?
  11. I believe this is outdated now. Can anyone explain how to detect when a particular building that is built into the map is destroyed?