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  1. Should the m79 not be able to take the HEDP rounds? I don't get why it can't take them but m203's can
  2. thanks Is this intentional? I'm asking because the weight bar is at the bottom as well
  3. all the bars are at zero/ minimum I figured something must have gone wrong in my installation, or is it not finished yet?
  4. not sure if this has been reported but none of the helmets say they have any protection how do i fix this was it because i put the patch in the addons folder?
  5. I think I now know why the voices are heard in the VA, they are coming from the virtual target practice soldiers. My source is when shot in vanilla the pain noises can be heard even when you go back to arsenal
  6. Can The m79 gl be moved to launchers?
  7. I ain't trolling boi I unloaded every mod and just had unsung delta just to be sure and the voices still played in the virtual arsenal
  8. Also should random items pop up in facewear?
  9. Well I didn't know the voices were supposed to go over the vanilla one, but them being heard in the Virtual Arsenal is still problematic and yes I did unload the mod for the time being
  10. My but on this is that a mod shouldn't break the game, and I'd prefer if this were addressed unless it's only me who has due to a specific collision of mods The other issue is that all callouts are replaced Nato with '67 USMC and CSAT with VC/NVA
  11. What files contain the voices so I can delete them? they replace the vanilla voices. The NVA/VC voices are heard constantly in the virtual arsenal. this is quite annoying
  12. I think this is some sort of incompatibility, but I keep hearing what I think are the vietnamese voices in the virtual arsenal and the vietnamese voices and callouts replace the ones of the csat units, is this supposed to happen?