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  1. Hello. I'm having a very odd issue, that I am unsure how to resolve. Up until a month or two ago I had no issue running the stand alone server on a dedicated computer. Windows did an update, and ever since the server has not been accessible. The command window shows it successfully starting up, along with a mission with auto-init, but it will not show up on any server listing, not even from the same machine. (though ARMA loaded up on the same machine will see it, just not the steam browser). It will not allow direct connects however from the internet or even on the same network. The router shows the UPNP ports opened up correctly and in use while the server is running, even though it's not accessible. I've done just about everything I can think of: Removing mods, wipe and reinstall of the server and trying to start it up vanilla. But nothing seems to be working. I can find nothing that might be blocking it in Windows firewall (and even shut it off to make sure it wasn't the issue) Any help or thoughts would be appreciated! Not sure where to locate a log that would be helpful, but I'll post it if that'll help. *Current setup* win10 pro 72GB ram x2 X5650 Xeon cpu 256GB SSD(just for ARMA) Server is updated to current version as of 05/26/17