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  1. kalstoon

    Jets DLC Terrains

    Damn I love this one, so mountainous. My favourite out of all the few I've tested so far!
  2. Do you intend to have the Zero as a flyable plane for your next release? Even if it's in a rough state I would be pretty happy :p (and it doesn't look too bad on this screenshot tbh) Or maybe you want to polish it and release it at a later date, that would be awesome too ;) I love your plane mods anyway, keep it up!
  3. kalstoon


    Yeah I agree, but I feel like this should be done by BI rather than the community tbh. We did have females in previous games and it sure added something (check out of the first mission in Arma 2's campaign as a good example - and then you had of course mods with female fighters etc.). Not that I am unhappy with the Arma 3's DLCs overall but I definitely wish they'd add female characters. There are rumours regarding Orange but I'm pretty sure it's something else.
  4. Fair enough, I'm not really aware of the Steam EULA details to be honest (not a modder or content creator myself). The abrupt change of mind after such a long time just seems odd.
  5. Holy shit this looks so good. Feint's mod is nice but the models aren't super detailed and the animations are a bit off (looks like they are sliding rather than swimming sometimes for example). This is something else entirely, very exciting.
  6. I'm just saying that because when mods aren't on Steam it happens a lot. Seems like a bit of a hassle to me having to report them and all.
  7. I sent him a pm as he's still active on the forums apparently and I'm kinda curious why he would do such a thing (does he prefer illegal workshop uploads? :O )
  8. Yep, just noticed the official upload vanished from Steam without a word. wtf :( Don't think he was willing to work on it again anyway, so I'll just grab the armaholic version...
  9. kalstoon

    Black Powder

    Awesome, can't wait to check it out when I get home. The map was great already.
  10. kalstoon

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    Well I have an EDtracker and I'm using Opentrack to emulate Freetrack or TrackIR so I couldn't care less about what TrackIR does with their software :p I did try forcing a manual profile with the x64.exe but no luck so far. Arma still picks up my EDtracker but it feels clunky without TrackIR/Freetrack emulation.
  11. kalstoon

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    Hi, Quick testing for me - 12k VD as I'm a huge flyer (not OVD, I keep that at the default of 1.9k), the game feels WAY smoother, on either Tanoa or Altis. Zooming in is much smoother too. Framerate doesn't really seem to be different, but I was getting good frames to start with (35-40fps in Kavala in the campaign mission "Signal Lost" for example, 1440p, MSAA 8X) so that is OK. The improvement in terms of asset streaming/loading is really amazing. The game sucked up my 16GB of RAM in no time though, dunno if that's a leak (bad) or if it's intended that it uses as much RAM as possible (good). It didn't crash, but I noticed some pagefile usage. To be fair, I do have some stuff in the background, RAM usage is about 3.5GB without the game running. Hope a way can be found to make TrackIR or FreeTrack work again ASAP though, can't live without it anymore. (I'm still on Windows 7, things could be a little different on Windows 10 but I'm too lazy to set it up for now)