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  1. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    v. - added multiple terrains (thanks @Dahlgren) - fixed an issue with Sahrani (thanks @jones140) - fixed an issue with the short trench
  2. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    Will be in the next Update.
  3. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    v.1.5.9 - added pre view pics - added Namalsk
  4. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    v.1.5.8 - added Anizay, Cham and Vinjesvingenc
  5. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    v.1.5.7 - added Support for Livonia - increased action range on trenches - fixed Isla Duala (thanks @jones140)
  6. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

  7. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    v.1.5.6 - Added more French translations (thank you @TheShinriel) - Fixed gigant naming, now it is giant - Fixed missplacment
  8. Awesome 👍 And just in time for my medic training on friday.
  9. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    v 1.5.5 - fixed wierd short trench bug - added russian translation (thank you 0Y0)
  10. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    v.1.5.4 - Fixed small trench - added Chernarus Redux
  11. Hey Lucapec, try it with this improved version: https://github.com/gruppe-adler/grad_randomizeMap
  12. [A]  Salbei

    Project injury reaction

    0Y0 you could also use CBA_fnc_targetEvent instead of remoteExec. Becouse HitPart only executes where the shooter is local.
  13. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    It's still there, Steam just changed their Terms. That's why it was not showing. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1224892496
  14. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    v1.5.3 - Added Intercept compatability - fixed CUP Maps - changed in CfgWorldsTextures from filePrefix to suffix
  15. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    Will do