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  1. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

  2. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    v.1.5.6 - Added more French translations (thank you @TheShinriel) - Fixed gigant naming, now it is giant - Fixed missplacment
  3. Awesome 👍 And just in time for my medic training on friday.
  4. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    v 1.5.5 - fixed wierd short trench bug - added russian translation (thank you 0Y0)
  5. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    v.1.5.4 - Fixed small trench - added Chernarus Redux
  6. Hey Lucapec, try it with this improved version: https://github.com/gruppe-adler/grad_randomizeMap
  7. [A]  Salbei

    Project injury reaction

    0Y0 you could also use CBA_fnc_targetEvent instead of remoteExec. Becouse HitPart only executes where the shooter is local.
  8. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    It's still there, Steam just changed their Terms. That's why it was not showing. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1224892496
  9. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    v1.5.3 - Added Intercept compatability - fixed CUP Maps - changed in CfgWorldsTextures from filePrefix to suffix
  10. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    Will do
  11. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    Have a look here: https://github.com/gruppe-adler/grad_trenches#add-own-map
  12. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    Okay so I had a look at R3F and it seems to be that you have to blacklist the trenches. The Classnames are: GRAD_envelope_short, ACE_envelope_small, ACE_envelope_big, GRAD_envelope_gigant, GRAD_envelope_vehicle Regarding the geometry issue, I could not reproduze it. I will keep a look out though. Since Rosche has a config entry the automatic path will not work on that map. I haven't updated the list of the supported maps, sry. Best Regards Salbei
  13. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    Hey eh chaser, I do not know what R3F does, but you should not be abel to move the trenches. I will check that in time. Regarding your edit, does that only happen after moving them with R3F and on what trench does it happen. Thanks for bring up the issue. Kind regards Salbei
  14. [A]  Salbei

    GRAD Trenches

    A new Version 1.5.2 has just been released: Changelog summary: - fixed new placement system - added digging help - added some more map support
  15. [A]  Salbei

    [ MAP ] St. George Island

    The new region really looks interesting. What do you mean by "I'll put the map on the workshop". Is it allready uploaded or are you going to upload it later on? Will you finish St George Island or is it on hold? Thanks for creating such awesome maps.