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  1. For some reason no matter how much i change the path for the P3D object it always stays red. I don't know why. Can anyone help me? EDIT: Fixed it
  2. Issue has been resolved. Sorry if i spammed the thread.
  3. I've managed to fix the faction issue! It's now on blufor, but the texture does not want to apply on it :/ This is how it looks like: This is how it's supposed to look like:
  4. Greetings. I'm very new to modding, but recently I've started on adding vehicles, moving stuff around and etc. I've stumbled onto a problem with the Y-32 Xi'an Infantry Transport VTOL. I downloaded another mod which has successfully moved a vehicle from Independent to Blufor AND has a texture applied to it when you spawn it in. What I'm trying to do is basically the same. I want to copy the Y-32, put it into Bluefor and have a custom texture go on it. Inside my mod folder: Inside my mod/data folder: config.cpp script: #define true 1 #define false 0 class CfgPatches { class RTAF_Vehicle { units[] = {RTAF_Vehicle}; weapons[] = {}; requiredAddons[] = {}; }; }; class CfgEditorCategories { class RTAF_Class { displayName = "Shield"; }; }; class cfgVehicles { class O_T_VTOL_02_infantry_F { scope = 2; displayName = "Shield Y-32"; faction = "BLU_F"; vehicleClass = "Air"; editorCategory = RTAF_Class; Side = 1; crew = "B_crew_f"; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\Y32_VTOL\data\vtol_01_ext01_shield_co.paa","\Y32_VTOL\data\vtol_01_ext02_shield_co.paa","\Y32_VTOL\data\vtol_01_ext03_shield_co.paa","\Y32_VTOL\data\vtol_01_ext04_shield_co.paa"}; class Library { libTextDesc = "BWS"; }; }; }; If anyone is able to help me out it would be very appreciated. Like i said i'm quite new to this and I've been trying for quite some time to fix it. Thank you in advance!
  5. LCpl  Baev

    Arma 3 Concealment on Tanoa

    I'd say Yes. Concealment is something that can become very handy. Your concealment can mean the difference between surviving 60 minutes and surviving 5 minutes. The ghillies in the game are amazing, i use them all the time and especially with Tanoa and those big hills i can easily set up a vantage point from almost anywhere :) What i do for sniper rifles is that i hide within bushes and nearby trees, that way i can blend in and hide my weapon as good as possible!
  6. Hello. I had the very same issue and the way i was able to fix it was by using this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Soldier_Protection As the example shows: // Carrier Special Rig (Green) class V_PlateCarrierSpec_rgr: Vest_NoCamo_Base { /* other properties */ class ItemInfo: ItemInfo { /* other properties */ class HitpointsProtectionInfo { class Neck { hitpointName = "HitNeck"; // reference to the hit point class defined in the man base class armor = 8; // addition to armor of referenced hitpoint passThrough = 0.5; // multiplier of base passThrough defined in referenced hitpoint }; class Arms { hitpointName = "HitArms"; armor = 8; passThrough = 0.5; }; class Chest { hitpointName = "HitChest"; armor = 24; passThrough = 0.1; }; class Diaphragm { hitpointName = "HitDiaphragm"; armor = 24; passThrough = 0.1; }; class Abdomen { hitpointName = "HitAbdomen"; armor = 24; passThrough = 0.1; }; class Body { hitpointName = "HitBody"; passThrough = 0.1; }; }; }; }; I added that to my code and when i went back in the game it was working. Hope it helps out someone. I'm quite new to modding. :)
  7. LCpl  Baev

    When and Where will Arma 4 be. Vote!

    I'd love to see Arma 4 with some more different styled maps. On arma 3 I loved the Tanoa expansion due to the civilian content. Planes, Cars, Cities and everything else was amazing.