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  1. TeaIsGoodForHealth

    [Release] Vcom AI 3 - Dangerous AI

    iirc one can add an EH to the zeus module: this addEventHandler ["CuratorWaypointPlaced", { params ["_curator", "_group", "_waypointID"]; //Here put the code to disable VCOM AI temporarily// //And...detect if there is no more waypoints...// waitUntil {sleep 0.5; (count (waypoints _group) == 0)}; //Here put the code to re-enable VCOM AI// }]; Ofc the code needs to be worked on (especially the waitUntil part shouldn't work that way..). but you see my point...
  2. TeaIsGoodForHealth

    [Release] Vcom AI 3 - Dangerous AI

    Thanks for the great mod. I would like to report one issue: The AI-driven convoy tends to change formation based on the terrain. I don't want to set "VCM_FRMCHANGE = false" since I still want the infantry AI to be able to change formation. Would it be possible to disable AI capability to change formation only when they are in convoy and their behavior is "safe", sth like: if (unit is in vehicle && behavior is safe) then {VCM_FRMCHANGE = false;} It looks strange when a column formation convoy tries to go into a line formation when there is no threat.