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  1. Hi I use TypeSQF, it's really simple and fast. It got syntax highlighting and a really cool syntax checking so you don't need to launch Arma to se a error message. Read more here. //J
  2. I really like this c-pack feature, but i don't understand if it's possible to create a c-pack containing a dialog/display or some remoteExec commands. In both you need to define classes in description.ext and when you upload a c-pack it's only possible to define one row in one of the init.sqf files and not description.ext Am i right, and is this some kind of security feature? //Josef
  3. It's totally amazing that's its possible to make a mission that easy. Cpack is awesome for new (all) mission makers...
  4. You could use my c-pack, Josef.moveObjects to move objects and keep there position/ rotation to each other. Its possible to use as an ordinary function even if you don't won't to use TypeSQF. I can release it in the forum if your interested. //Josef
  5. Perhaps you could use this Keypad and make it open when the login progress starts. Then check the output from the keypad and compare it with the code your team got from on the tablet. Depending on mission you could make a global variable with that random code, and add it to the tablet like this (untested): tablet addAction ["Grab code", { hint format["Code is %1", MyRandomCode] } ]; If you're new too sqf try use TypeSQF to get some help while typing. //Josef