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    Not all Sounds update were good

    Well, i m new here, did a small search did not find nothing related to this specific subject. The thing is: Sound of steps are much worse With this news sound to character´s steps/walk there is always a sensation that someone is behind you. Seems the sounds were displaced to be on the back of the character of something like that, creating this sensation. On the past, this just does happened when there was actually someone near you. Now, when you ran it gets even worse.. seems there is someone walking with you. All of my teammattes have report the same.. so its not a audio device subject.. when the 1.66 came this thing happened and let the game much worse for a immersive sensation. I just cannot trust in what i m hear... seems there is always someone close... Additionally, some building´s ground sounds just not fit the matterial they were made... the previous sound could be generic but the news ones, sometimes are too much wrong like walk on a wood or concrete floor and hear a metal sound....not good.. the generic sounds were best in this cases.. sometimes.. sounds steps are to louder too. Well, sorry for my english if was not so clear, but even if the massive bugs the game has... this sound were so bad that make come here and open a topic.. cause this really should be revised in my opinion. BTW, congratulations for keep the project alive and growing! ;)