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  1. XxClon

    I need help please

    the problem is in the game, only one face open :/
  2. XxClon

    I need help please

    yes my bad is traslation the 2 doors, and in the buldozer is fine all
  3. I made a double-sided door, but it does not work and it only opens one side, In the bulldozer everything opens, but the problem is the Config.cpp for the game this is my model.cfg, Can someone please make me the config.cpp please? The door is double door
  4. Thanks for the information, I'll save it for when you already have a playable part of the map :) Many thanks, that's the idea, I'm looking for a variety and a little more live the map, that's why I'm not copying and pasting anything, I'm doing everything step by step For the moment the map is empty, as soon as it has a good playable part with gusto I will upload a preview of it :) Very thanks :)
  5. Yes, it is possible, I have to study what are the requirements for Alive to work on my map and then when I have almost ready the map would give you support Alive
  6. thank you very much! I will try to do my best, I really like the area, it is a bit different from the other areas made
  7. thanks, i have not been there, but I am seeing many videos and photos of the area and I try to make it more similar than the game and the addons that I use allow me to do
  8. Yes, in some places I can get that kind of taller grass :)
  9. Hi, I currently working on a new map called Tarin Kowt, in Afghanistan and i want to show you some progress regularly within this thread. Several objects i have permission from, will be used in the map. And if you have any thoughts or feedback, please share it right here. Features: - Grid size: 1024x1024 - Terrain size(m): 10240 - Technical Details: - Grid size : 1024 - Cell size : 10 - Terrain size : 10240 - Satellite image : 10240px - +6 Surfaces + Normal Map - Real world location - Dense green zone - Harsh Desert - River Valley - Open Fields Regards :) Pictures: Update 19/12/16 (This area is still alpha) Note: the rocks will change the texture soon by a more in line with the terrain Other area 19/12/16
  10. XxClon

    Open the Doors

    yes it is
  11. XxClon

    Open the Doors

    Yes it is
  12. XxClon

    Open the Doors

    I have one problem with my doors is broken :/ i need help please is double door