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  1. I've been now for a few months having an issue with my x-56 joystick (no throttle ie. dual setup).  All my inputs are not being, in effect, pushed fully for a input/control direction.  Here is the kicker... in the controller setup screen while 'show'ing the input values all controls are showing a input of 0 thru 100 so the issue isnt on the controller or how Arma 3 is sourcing the input values.


    Likely at this point one might be asking.  Okay well whats the problem then?  Here is the issue.  in the game itself even though the controller and the game sees full movement and input its not applying them to the vehicle..  How do I know this?   Simple example take off in a Neophron full flaps and throttle take off via controller is 210+ and far much longer runway distance then doing the exact same takeoff but using the keyboard or mouse to pull back on the stick.  There other examples but basically its very obvious that even though the game in the setup config screen is seeing proper inputs they are not being applied fully either.


    Has anyone else experienced this?

  2. 23 hours ago, Dedmen said:

    working fine for me.


    The link in the intro post only links to a older release.
    Grab BOTH the dll's from the latest release here: https://github.com/pennyworth12345/ConfigDumpFileIO/releases


    All good now thanks I figured out why... and I'll make a public apology for being so hot under the collar other night on discord, wasnt your fault it was all on winblowz getting me triggered.

    I sworn I unblocked the x64 dll and that was the issue.  Saved the blank entries that it couldn't find?, just in case. put that into a separate file for reference.  Own all DLCs except Global mobilization, not sure if that is relative also or not.

    Anyway here is what I got.
    AiO.1.96.146114 Contact Disabled:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EUaHaapj1vEzvpAiWyYTi_-e4Jnj6nuH/view?usp=sharing

    AiO.1.96.146114 Contact Enabled:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JCnFMZyvtlGmv64bfbz3ATGmp_sofspP/view?usp=sharing

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  3. Yeah I seen on Reddit someone's post guessing it was yours.  btw thats backwards dont forget to rotate it 180.  originally when I started I asked about no-one had a clue nor ever said it can be done a few people even asked me to tell them if I figured it out when I was digging about.  Both ways work.  guess its a matter of pref Im only using it as basically a static prop and reproducing what it looked like after they started building the dome over it.  But its more completed (60% cover vs 30% in the campaign) just part of the flow for what Im trying to plan out as a long term Alive campaign on Livonia.

    Do appreciate the feedback.  Big thing was I thought this was hidden somehow inside contact's containers but could been real late for me and I was looking at the wrong thing. basically didnt see A3 anywhere seen it pointing at somewhere in 'contact' folder why I was really hesitant to explain how. but then someone pointed out it wasnt but sitting hidden in A3.

  4. Long story short... and please only comment if you have experience in this OR work for BI.


    Scope:  Contact Campaign Ep1, 2 there is a sinkhole crater created where the alien root network breaks thru and a bobcat crashes into it, then in Ep2 you go do some recon on the same factory area.


    Question:   Is recreating these scene(s) in any way shape or form legal to do so?  The objects in question can not be found in the Eden editor BUT they can be called from a script and placed out.  So before I share this info with the world I would like to get a legal stance yes/no if its okay to do so.  Its not doing anything special just spawning a simple object by model name (which after tons and tons of digging figured out on my own and with some help of others) changes placement etc and makes the sinkhole scene again that mission creators can then employ in both SP and MP missions.


    I know it might seem kinda anal to be asking this but honestly Im not in the mood to get in a legal fight or banned for sharing this info to the public with everyone, so for now only I know how to do it but something this big for anyone who is working with Livonia  and want to preserve what happened in Contact, this is a big thing...


    More then likely at least in my honest opinion it would be.  This script does not work unless you own contact AND have the DLC loaded (with or without mods) and the mission file wont load otherwise either so its not one of the global assets either.  But to cover my arse,  I had to post and ask this.


  5. On 10/24/2019 at 7:58 PM, acebelew said:

    sych,  the prisoner issue is not what you have stated.  When you unload prisoners sych, they need to be within 30m.  Unload them and do not move them until the mission succeeds after you get the mission success then move them into Gitmo and release,  works every time.  I have updated the diary,  to state this,  I do not know if it is live yet.


    yeah the thing is like I said people unloading them too far away 30m isnt that much esp if you putting the huron down.  Simple solution is just load them into a quad or any vic near the fence then unload them again.  I only brought it up because the marked helo pads that people should land at are not even close.  (maybe add a pad next to it in that open spot? just an idea)

  6. 9 hours ago, fn_Quiksilver said:


    Is this related to side mission reward vehicles, or all vehicles?


    If just the reward vehicles, then its a known issue


    its hard to say cuz Ive noticed it being seeminly randomish?.  def noticed that vics like to despawn after towing them and then try to move out just one example I personally know of.  like take take a rewards cheetah and try and tow the ammo truck behind it would just randomly despawn it soon as I start moving out.


    also re: unloading prisoners  The range of the unloading from a vic seems too strict?  you litteraly have to land the helo or drive a vehicle right next to the fence prison for the mission to transport the POW not to fail.  example: if you like land on a landing pad and unload the prisoner then escort him into the prison and release the POW, the escort mission fails unless you unload the POW like I said very close to the prison.

  7. just for shits and giggles how are you handling the turning on and off.  Ive had whitephoshor NVG code for over 2 years now out there I just never could figure a way to hook into its activation without creating 'yet another..' suspending script loop that..    Q_S thought that maybe editing the RSC layer for NVG (if I remember correctly?) would be the only way around it but thats way over my head anyway cheers def gonna check it out.

  8. This is mainly for the developers or anyone who actually knows for fact the inner workings of arma physics....


    Which model is arma using for calculating ballistic calculations for bullet flight?  ASM or ICAO?  I see people making mods trying to give 'realism' and they using apparently two different standards according to the ammo data given.Vanilla says ICAO (g7) but also ASM (G1)   I just want to make sure that arma can tell the difference.

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  9. On 4/23/2017 at 9:56 AM, DirtySanchez said:



    I could not let this oldie but goodie go away cause of Massi's being AFK.
    On Friday, we contacted Dwarden and asked about NATO Vehicles status and it was reversed after some thought on their end.
    Thank you @dwarden for your help in resolving this mods status on the Workshop and keep up the great work!


    contact him again and get permission to opensource it all with attribution or whatever permissions wished cuz alot of people still use this and other MAS mods but no-one around to maintain anymore it seems.   Really wanna hit this push to github and go public with them all....  its 2018 now and there hasnt been nothing maintained in a long time now it seems.

  10. Not sure if anyone has tried or reported this.  Apparently when I apply the 'hyperthreading' (aka multi-threading option) start to get blinking/artifacts dealing with shadows with my 1950x TR.  Should I be using this option for a non Intel or not? if not, am I multithreading still?  Given I got 16cores/32threads to use, brings up a important question as to if arma can even effectively use my CPU to it's fullest or does the game need to be updated for even this possiblity?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

  11. 2 minutes ago, mrcurry said:

    Arma would not complain about a variable data Type change. It would when using a variable of incorrect data type in an incorrect setting. Since it's a spam I'm gonna guess it's in a loop somewhere. Do some log printouts to check which part of your code is generating it. To write to log use: diag_log 


    That is the issue it doesn't say at all where its happening.  the log file repeats nothing but "Bad conversion: bool"  it doesn't name where, or what or anything... to even remotely indicate where its happening


  12. Just wondering but I'm from mainly from java so seeing this message spammed 1700+ times over the course of a few hours clientside.  Could this be the possible source or using this method of assignment?


    if (cfg_foo == 1) then {cfg_foo = true} else {cfg_foo = false};


    foo is already a number or integer/float(cfg datatype and that is the case in this situation).  And that just made it a bool now...

    Would it not be safer to do this and possibly less spammy, and log bloating...  (using -nolog should not be a solution)


    if (cfg_foo == 1) then {foo_bool = true} else {foo_bool = false};

  13. On 6/28/2017 at 9:49 AM, oukej said:

    Neophron hasn't been ignored, just not done yet ;)

    Can you please elaborate more on this?


    Simple, if you are grouped with anyone while flying the blackfish it mucks your throttle up completely unless you make a seperate team and make it private.  not to mention opening chat, your map. and many numerous ways (which happens to all fixed wing aircraft) to make it just magically change randomly to something you did not leave the throttle at...

  14. " The update applies to the Shikra, Black Wasp II, Sentinel, Gryphon and Buzzard. We welcome your feedback on our forums. Thanks! "


    So you ignored the one plane that cant even take off from Tanoa without smacking the landing gear at the end of the runways.... The Neophron.

    Nor any mention of finally fixing the throttle problem when grouped in MP with other players flying the VTOL which requires one to be alone in a private one.   And I hope you put them stall changes in opposite for VTOLs.   They drop like rocks too easy right now...... they need the opposite effect.