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  1. MikeBagdala

    Pack scripts into Mod

    The players are in vehicles. I now have used this in my "Mike_init.sqf": []spawn { player globalChat "Test"; vehicle player addEventHandler ["IncomingMissile", {_projectile = _this select 1; _enemy = _this select 2; [_projectile, _enemy] execVM "weaponfire.sqf";}]; }; but still nothing happens :/. I now feel like I'm one of the most stupid people on earth
  2. MikeBagdala

    Pack scripts into Mod

    Thank you for the reply! It partially worked ^^.Now I don't get any error messages anymorge but it seems like the init.sqf is not getting initialized. I'm gonna explain a bit more what my intentions are so you can understand my problem a bit better (hope it helps ^^). this is what is in my init.sqf: vehicle player addEventHandler ["IncomingMissile", {_projectile = _this select 1; _enemy = _this select 2; [_projectile, _enemy] execVM "newassignment.sqf";}]; So. What i wanted to do is that when the player starts a mission (without having to initialize anything in the editor or smth like that), this init script gets activated so when the player gets shot with a missile the newassignment.sqf gets executed (All of the scripts would work. I have tested that). But when I activate the mod and start a mission, absolutely nothing happens when I get shot with at with a tracking missile. Hope that this helps and also hope that you can help me. :P Edit: Jetz am Schluss is mir aufgefallen, dass du auch "schätze ich mal" Deutscher bist also können wir ja jetz Deutsch reden, da es vllt einfacher wäre ^^
  3. MikeBagdala

    Pack scripts into Mod

    Thank you for the reply! Now I've used your version but changed some of the text to look like this: class CfgVehicles { class Land; class Man: Land { class EventHandlers { class Init { init = "[]execVM "init.sqf""; }; }; }; }; But now when I start Arma with the Mod i geht the Error Message
  4. Hey there! I was wondering if there was a way to pack scripts into a mod and initialize them whenever the player beginns a mission in single or multiplayer. If tried it with this: class CfgVehicles { class Land; class Man : Land { class UserActions { class acms { displayName="acms"; position="player"; onlyforplayer=1; radius=1.0; condition="this == player"; statement="[] execVM ""ACMS\init.sqf"""; }; }; }; class All {}; class Static: All {}; class Building: Static {}; class NonStrategic: Building {}; class TargetTraining: NonStrategic {}; class TargetGrenade: TargetTraining {}; }; and also with this: class cfgvehicles { class Logic; class ACMS_Name : Logic { displayName = "ACMS"; icon = "\ca\ui\data\icon_functions_ca.paa"; picture = "\ca\ui\data\icon_functions_ca.paa"; vehicleClass = "Modules"; class Eventhandlers { init = "(_this select 0) execvm ""init.sqf"" "; }; }; }; which is a part of this forum topic: http://www.ofpec.com/forum/index.php?topic=35205.0 It would be okay if the player would have to Press a button like F7 or smth like that but not have to change anything in the mission. I don't know any other way to do this. I am new in the modding scene altough i know the basics and more of scripting. I really do hope that someone can help me with my prolem. :)
  5. At the moment i am experimenting with eventhandlers because i plan on creating missions for the Clan that I am in. But I have a problem with the IncomingMissile eventhandler. player addEventHandler ["IncomingMissile", {hint "SHOT";}] I flew over a ZSU with my A-10 and the ZSU shot a missile at me but I didn't get the message "SHOT". I tried it with various other things but they didn't work either. Can anyone please help? And yes i already googled the problem but every post that i found did not contain the information that i need.
  6. As simple as it gets: I like it
  7. Me and my friend are in search of a tactical Arma 3 Clan. About me: Ingame Name: Mike Bagdala Real Name: Jakob Kraus Age: 16 Hours in Arma: ~960 Time zone: GMT + 1 (Berlin) Nationality: german Language: german, english or croatian but only if i have to Add me on steam: steam://friends/add/76561198129320151 What i am good at: flying a jet or a helicopter or gunner in a helicopter, jet or a tank About my Friend: Ingame Name: SasukeOversea Real Name: Andreas Strasswender Age: 17 Hours in arma: ~400 Nationality: german Languange: german or english but only if he has to Add him on steam: steam://friends/add/76561198097379010 What he is good at: flying a helicopter, driving a tank and being a driver for tanks What we are looking for: a german tactial arma clan where we can play as helicopter pilots or pilot and gunner or in the worst case scenario, drive a tank. ^^