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  1. fabianmvx

    Arma 3 Always 5 Sec freeze on Map

    It is the GPU ?
  2. Hello guys, my System: I7 2600k @4,0Ghz OC | MSI-P67A-GD65 | 8800GTX Old Gpu i already bought new one! (GTX 770) | Scythe Mugen 4 Tower Kühler | 2x8 GB 1333mhz | SanDisk SSD 128GB | 1000GB Seagate Desktop HDD This is my new System and i got a new SSD, i had arma 3 und my old pc on the HDD its working fine without freezing. Windows 7 and Arma 3 installed on SSD. My Problem is if i go on the map after 2 seconds my game with sound freeze for like 4 seconds, exactly the same if i press escape and go again on the map. What i did for the "Fix" remove dll allcuator, remove performance client, remove Startupparameters, remove all settings like exthreads in the luncher, did not fix it. btw sry for my bad english Video how it looks like: recorded with Fraps and msi Afterburner/rivaTuner: I think its the gpu, and if i look up in the sky my game also freeze. Please help me D: ~Fabian
  3. fabianmvx

    Possible fix for the "3 FPS Drop" Issue

    I play Arma 3 now on 2 different Systems i never get a fps bug, but my friends always gets this the fix doesnt fix it
  4. Still the best dll Allcuator, its better than fred 41's one. i really like this
  5. Thank you very much! It helps me alot, i use this for 1 year now!