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  1. 2nd BDE, 3rd ID conducting a "Thunder Run" through Georgetown.
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    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Hey Everyone! I've been playing Arma 3 and Dayz for a couple years now (among other games) but recently decided to join the forums after stumbling across the Arma 3 Photography thread. I usually play Invade and Annex with some Altis Life and KOTH thrown in from time to time. I also like to re-create loadouts from various real-world units in the Arsenal with various mods to use for screenshots or on missions. I find US military gear interesting (mostly stuff from OIF) and have a small collection of mostly vests and pouches. My favorite pieces of gear are my USMC-issued woodland OTV and woodland Ranger Assault Carry Kit. Anyway, I'm looking forward to browsing the forums and learning from everyone. - Rafterman