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  1. He probably still to this day thinks what kind of google query will work. On topic: God i got tired of these containers pretty fast. Always try to avoid them in editor and whatnot.
  2. rhyfelwyr

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I can confirm exactly the same result trying to reproduce (stable, no mods). I've noticed it several times and i think that's not the only way to encounter the bug.
  3. Yep, lasing then switching to DAGR or Hellfire, locking for the sound that says "got it" and it goes wide. (Maybe it has to do with the 64 bit update and changes to lock on system? If they were included in 64th update that is, haven't checked yet)
  4. rhyfelwyr

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    I absolutely love your cars guys. And especially Milan Rover - amazing work.
  5. Maybe i'm missing something and/or use it wrong, but i can't seem to lock on anything even without ace.
  6. rhyfelwyr

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Apologies in advance if this isn't the right topic. It's still doubled. Really crossing my fingers here that you will look into it. Tested it with no mods enabled (and modded too), it's still an issue. Edit: I believe it was my mistake. The inventory stamina bar shows as it was, as if it was doubled, but the actual weight is fixed.
  7. rhyfelwyr

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Made an account to make basically one point, although i do have my own suggestions. As much as i would like to see T14 in Arma, 100% it wont be an accurate representation of the tank. Quite a number of it's charasteristics is still unknown to public, and really keep that in mind everytime you read a wiki page or watch a youtube vid, there are very few people in the world right now who actually know what that thing is capable of.