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    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    host havoc gives the 0.9.8 version and the first cba as well it still wont work that way then we tried to use the updated versions of both and it doesn't even try to work. yes the server and client are running the same version and even if they weren't the same it would still work ive run the newer version with servers that have older versions
  2. nghthwk1907

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    k so i have a question that i can not find an answer to anywhere. my unit just got a second server and we want to setup tfar on it and we are running into an issue where tfar will work for about 10 sec. then stop and you just hear everyone as if your just in teamspeak. anyone have any clue as to how to fix it? we installed it through the mod installer on host havoc and it works like stated when we try to replace it with a newer version it doesnt work at all. cba versin 3.1.1 tfar version 0.9.11