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  1. Okay, this is very kind of you guys to explain such details on the animation/skinning, I'm really appreciate! I understand all you saying because I'm working in 3ds max for 15 years now. As for the clarification of what I want to achieve I can say the following - ideally I need to get original (from bi) weights, bones/armature (if possible) and meshes. The reason why I want the EXACT original is mainly because of learning purposes — I like to see how different artist/animators solves their issues on skinning/modeling characters. Also I really want to bring something new to the arma because I'm not satisfied with animation BI did. So, as I understand the weights imported in blender presented as vertex groups, right? can I bound those vertex groups with armature by names directly?
  2. Alwarren, thanks a lot, everything works! I'm just wondering why I need to use Macser's rig (or any other rigged character) for applying armature to the original (a2) characters — because, as I understand, imported p3d characters already contains needed information about vertex deformation. I have a feeling that described process just generates weightings based on presented sample rigged weighted char from Macser. My thoughts based on this: after weights are copied I rotated "Spine2" and flask's (both) cap are squeezed along with spine - is it possible that this is original (mean from bi) skin weights? if yes than it's okay.
  3. I managed to copy the weights! finaly! all seem works. Now I need to bound it with armature which I don't know where to find. I can't locate the armature in ArmaRig_V6_1.blend 'cause I'm not familar with the blender. Only thing I can do is to export ArmaRig_V6_1.blend to FBX and then import back but in that case there is a lot redundant (imo) bones. So is there any way to obtain the armature to fit the arma 2 character? p.s.: I still don't understand where to find those files from Al's video. If there's no way to get any of them just tell me this is not possible or something, or did you already?) I don't know where to find A2 sample files (blender file) which would be very helpful. thanks guys, I'm almost there! :)
  4. thanks for the replies, guys! I'm nearly done the process of set up the character. Learned a lot about blender toolbox and CUP project and have a question - can I get somehow blender sample character you talking about? I saw one in Al's video tutorial part 2, named CUP_TK_officer.blender, tried to search it through the web with no luck. You should understand that I want to follow your steps as accurate as I can and according this video I mentioned above and some other web resources sample character would help me a lot. thanks again!
  5. you mean the one from ArmaRig_V6_1.blend?
  6. Thank you for reply, really appreciated! The thing is that I want to get original weights of the characters (or even animals) and NOT to create them. Is there a way to do that?
  7. hi all and thanks for the great tool Alwarren! I imported mlod of CDF_Commander.p3d from original Arma 2 and noticed Vertex Groups, I assumed this is weights for the skeleton. Is it possible to import skeleton (or use already created one even though it'll not fit the model) for apply this vertex info as actual weights? would be really cool! Thanks again!