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  1. 36 minutes ago, lexx said:

    Don't get me started with that stuff. I think it's been years since I've managed to get them to work and I don't feel motivated to spend money on something that might not work.


    /Edit: Just for info, using pboProject results in an error "the command 'rapify' is either written wrong or couldn't be found" (free translation). It's installed. No idea what else I have to do.

    Question: have you installed rapify also??

  2. HorribleGoat, in your youtube video for the lost dragons camouflage test you get a much cleaner look then what I currently get. did you use a different rvmat for that effect?



    On 6/25/2016 at 10:47 PM, HorribleGoat said:

    Now that the thread loads and the extra duplicates I managed to post while the sqf server bugged are gone. I'll reserve this slow for additional update and images.


    Slight changes to the RVMAT can produce quite cool results. The effects still work on the few objects listed above. On that front there is still a lot to do.

    Also a progress update! 

    Made my own static cube with hiddenselectiontexture and the whole shabang and the refracting material does work with it. But when the same cube is copied into a man character it too takes on the white sheen.

    20160626012843_1.jpg   20160626014223_1.jpg 

    So the material/texture combo works! All thats left is to figure out what causes that white sheen. I think its the same with any vehicles too, but have to make a test to be sure.

    Vehicle test:


    Tested it out with vanilla Ifrit and pilot. As you can see the texture is not see through as it is on the cube on the background and the small cube on the test man model in front of it shows the contrast quite well.

    Makes me think moving objects are drawn different from static ones.


    With quite extensive testing and fiddling with the .rvmat values I am now quite certain that the "refract" shader is a remnant of some past idea and as it is not used in any BI asset. Because of I dont think the effect can be applied anymore on men or vehicles as Kiory demonstarted in his video.

    For this reason I've put together alternate method much like the ones that use refracting particles (and this probably could be done with those too)


    Basically this is combination of a simple mesh object that the effect works on and a custom man character with extra animation following memorypoints that allow the attached meshpieces to move with the animations.



  3. 1 minute ago, HorribleGoat said:


    Oh alright! I do remember testing on the VR men last time and I may remember wrong but they did not work last time. Even the custom blue man I used in the video did not work but had the white sheen problem so maybe something has changed with the shaders.

    When reading your first post it seemed like it worked with the VR vehicles atleast. Yeah they may have updated the shaders but still bad that it won't work with the rest of the a3 assets. applying any _ca textures on it makes the texture go black/white

  4. 2 minutes ago, HorribleGoat said:

    Is that also with _CA texture applied on the model originally? That seems to work pretty much as kiory got it! 

    Would you share your rvmat for comparison?

    Yupp the _CA texture is in the model originally and it works fine with the rvmat you have in the first post.

    Thats also why the VR objects works cause they got an _CA texture applied in their p3d.

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  5. Its mostly model.cfg you must change: for my IFV with 2 missiles I use


    class hideMissile_1
                    sourceAddress = mirror;
                    minValue = -1.0;//rad -57.29578
                    maxValue = 0.0;//rad 0.0
                    hideValue = 0.001;
                    animPeriod = 0.0;
                    initPhase = 0.0;
    class hideMissile_2: hideMissile_1
                    sourceAddress = mirror;
                    hideValue = 0.501;

    Then in your config you must add an animationssource:


    class AnimationSources: AnimationSources
                class Missiles_revolving
                    source = "revolving";
                    weapon = "OPTRE_missiles_C2GMLS_2"; //Name of the weapon you fire


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  6. You could try and use class Useractions in the veh config.....so something like this mayby:


    class UserActions
                class openarsenal
                    userActionID = 60;
                    displayName = "Open Virtual Arsenal";
                    displayNameDefault = "Open Virtual Arsena";
                    textToolTip = "Open Virtual Arsenal";
                    position = "point"; //some memorypoint on the vehicle
                    radius = 6;
                    priority = 2;
                    onlyForPlayer = 0;
                    condition = "(alive this)";
                    statement = "["Open",true ] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;";


  7. 4 minutes ago, HorribleGoat said:

    Good catch!

    Unfortunately can be applied only on custom assets, but also great that it is possible on vehicles.

    Last time I tried _CA texture on man character it did not work, but things may have changed. Gotta give it a go again when time allows it.

    Well i tried it with an custom gillie suit that covers the whole body and that worked well.. but yeah to bad it only works for custom assets