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    Arma 3 Tutorial Request Thread

    Byrne's videos really make you understand the basics of the modeling for Arma, great tutorial. He doesn't get into the config scripting thou.
  2. Whitefame

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Hello everyone, I'm from Sweden and currently trying to learn modeling and how get it into Arma 3 after thousands of hours in this game. Many of the threads from this forum has helped me on this adventure so I thought that i finally should make an account and join this awesome community. I'm looking forward to share this experience with you all. :)
  3. Whitefame

    Post New Thread Button missing?

    I see! :D and Thank you :)
  4. Whitefame

    Post New Thread Button missing?

    For me it says "New accounts are not able to create new threads right away and have limited access to certain functions for an undisclosed trial period". But how long is this "trial period"? :)