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  1. Well i tried it with an custom gillie suit that covers the whole body and that worked well.. but yeah to bad it only works for custom assets
  2. I found a very simple solution to the first method...the original texture for the vehicle/object must end with _ca, it seems like the alpha is only added with the orginal texture..and works great with moving vehicles. https://gyazo.com/1cf752018440e580a91a42c683f1cf6c
  3. Hi, I have a problem with my tank that shouldn't be hard but it seems like I can't figure it out. I want the my gunner and driver to look down somewhat as init in the tank. I tried to change: class ViewGunner //Also don't work with ViewPilot { initAngleX = 0; to -14 or 14 minAngleX = -85; maxAngleX = 85; initAngleY = 0; minAngleY = -150; maxAngleY = 150; initFov = 0.7; minFov = 0.42; maxFov = 0.85; }; But when changing initAngle nothing happens, I can lock the view if I change minAngleX and maxAngleX to the same values but that's not what I want??
  4. Apparently the class for player ROF for the 35mm cannon was "class manual" and not class player: So just change that. The config above will make a new nato AA and its firerate to 0.030, but remember that ROF is FPS-dependent in arma so if you go below a certain FPS the gun will fire slower
  5. Weird, that works fine for me. you haven't forgotten to call for it in Cfgvehicles: class Turrets: Turrets { class MainTurret: MainTurret { weapons[]={autocannon_IROF_35mm}; }; };
  6. If you write it like this, does it work for you then??
  7. Look at the other classes in CfgWeapons, you need to change those to. class close,short,medium,far is for AI, class player for player
  8. Whitefame

    Door Animation Problem

    Can you explain what you did to make it work? im experience a similar problem
  9. Whitefame

    Weapon "Cannot Load Texture"

    Try to remove the P: to the texture path. so it instead says "Lewis\data\Lewis_MG_BaseColour_co.paa"!!
  10. The UV map looks messy because it shows more then one UV-set! etc one UV-set uses the (i_shop_01_v1_f_mlod_co.paa) texture and then there may be others UV-sets that uses other textures. So you have to find the selection that uses the right texture then click E in O2 and add the right texture to the right selection. In blender you can see the different selection in the materials tab (there are probably a similar function in O2).
  11. Should be maxHorizontalRotSpeed = "((360/X)/45)"; where X = time in seconds to turn 360°. Could maybe be a problem with the inheriting class. Are you sure the parameter has been changed? try to find it in the config reader when in an editor mission
  12. Whitefame

    Magazines models

    In which way does you mean it is not usable?? What is your goal? If you have access to an unbinarized p3d it's not hard to do take a magazine from it.
  13. Hi, I'm trying to find where the particle effects (MortarFired1 and circledustmortar) for when an mortar is firing are defined in the config. I have searched but can't seem to find the effects for the mortar as they don't seem to be defined via etc Cfgammo >> muzzleeffect..... Does anyone know how they are called when firing??
  14. Whitefame

    Mortar fire effects

    Lol, don't know how i could missed that xD!!! well thank you.
  15. Hi. Im trying to make an AA/AT static that have an constant missile tube elevation but can lock on targets via an camera view. After launch the missile should self-guide to the target. The problem is that the missile can only lock into targets that are in the direction of the missile tube and not the targets that I see from the camera view. Does anyone know any solutions to this problem?? Have tried countless things but nothing seem to work. . Hope you like the art ;)
  16. Whitefame

    Removing commander seat

    I solved it!! The class was well hidden in: class Tank_F: Tank { class Turrets { class MainTurret:NewTurret { class Turrets { class CommanderOptics;
  17. Hi, I wonder how a should write in my config file to remove the commander seat (only have gunner and driver)? The vehicle is inheriting it classes from Tank_F and I seem to have removed all def. for a commander. But when i spawn my vehicle in the editor i can still enter the commander seat with its parameters inherited from Tank_F.
  18. Whitefame

    Removing commander seat

    Well, that kinda works... but it messes up the rest of my config :/ I kinda can't see where in the config the commander seat is defined.....
  19. Whitefame

    Feedback Thread

    I guess the updated looks is because of the "smaller" maps in use. I know Malden will come to Arma, but in Argo we are limited to a smaller area. I personally like the responsiveness in Arma cause it's more "realistic", in Argo it feels more like an Call of Duty game.
  20. Whitefame

    Make an AA missile to AG?

    I have not tried this myself but in CfgAmmo for the missile try to change airLock to 1. airLock = 0; // Cannot target air units airLock = 1; // Can target air and ground units airLock = 2; // Can target air units ONLY from: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/A3_Targeting_config_reference it could also be irLock = 1; (target vehicle must have irTarget=1).
  21. Hello All, I'm currently trying to get the config files for a new tank working but i get an error when packing my pbo. The configs don't have much differens from the test_files. The error I'm getting is: In File white_type10\physx.hpp: Line 86 Expected Semicolon (or eol) Below Is my physx.hpp: At line 86 i can't see anything wrong, I have also looked through everything else but haven't found anything that can give this error message. Could someone help me with this as I see nothing wrong or missing?
  22. Thank you for the input! I finally found the problem going through the config!
  23. Hello, im currently trying to make a tank with four tracks. I can't find any tutorial how to get this working and when looking at the "Arma 3 Tanks Config Guidelines" it says that the all left wheels have to be in one line, and right wheels have to be in one line as well (for physx wheels), which i currently don't have. Is it possible to get a tank with 4 tracks working (and with them not being in line) or can't I make a tank with more than two tracks? View from the front and side. View from the top where one can clearly see that the tracks are not in line.
  24. Thanks a lot, that makes sense. Wonder why i didn't think of that. xD I will try and do it that way! But should the ground contact points be made after the physx model or the normal model then?
  25. Whitefame

    Great White Shark

    I like how the animations look really smooth and realistic. Really great work you're doing!!