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  1. https://github.com/thatAC130/Arma-3-RPK-file/issues/1 Decided to rent a server from Host Havoc, and I've been getting constant issues where a few friends and I would get de synced out of the server after several minutes of playing. I dont really know much technically, so i was wondering if someone could help me diagnose the issue. Tried searching the internet, including copy-pasting the exact lines, and was unable to find anything useful. Obviously the issues seem to stem from ACE and RHS, but im not sure what to do about them.
  2. thatAC130

    Arma 3 , project the cave

    Hey there, was wondering if you ever released this project? Was really interested in using it, if it were available!
  3. Nah not that much damaged, just a bit surprised on the reaction received at first lol. I know people like me must be a major ass to deal with, and my apologies for being one of them. I suppose i'll be leaving the thread now that i've received my answer, thanks for the great mod.
  4. Woah guys, i didn't mean to sound hostile, as I stated, I had a lot of fun with the mod, it's just there was a few things that kinda turned me off was all. I only came here to ask if it was possible for some content of the mod to be split, as i feel that some people (my self obviously included) would want some of the features, instead of all of it. A simple yes or no was all I was asking for, and i can see that i stirred up a hornets nest by asking this question. My apologies for sounding ungrateful when i did not mean to do so.
  5. Hey there! I was wondering if it would be possible for a separate mod to be made for just the aircraft and vehicles provided in UNSUNG. I loved the mod, however I wasn't a big fan of the random voices being played in the Zeus module, and i wasn't a fan of the textures that replaced the new and old equipment in inventory screen. The issues weren't that big of a deal to me, however i'll shamefully admit that i was interested in the mod because of the various aircraft that came with it. If it's not possible to separate the vehicles into a new mod, then it's fine, as i've had a lot of fun with the main mod, and will most likely plan on playing it again later. Cheers!