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    Persistent unidentified issue

    No I know but I couldn't be bothered making one myself on top of the shit I had to do and limited time I have, I took a shortcut
  2. Okay so, some time ago I had this problem arise one day when I was editing my files. I reverted back to the previous state to no success. I've tried posting this on the Altis forum but apparently nobody has an answer for me, even this far down the track. I've looked and there is nothing that I can find that is relevant to my annoying and persistent unidentifiable problem. Here's the problem. I am constantly having the "Request received from server. Validating..." message as you can see here at the bottom left of the image I thought it had something to do with the intro cam I had purchased from a third party application site, which it wasn't I still had the issue after removing the cam script. I thought it was likely the vehicle configuration files that make vehicles available in the shop list, it wasn't, so I looked through my logs, literally nothing suggesting what I narrowed it down to be the database. EXTDB connected fine so I checked the extdb logs, nothing there either, I replaced the whole ****ing thing tore out the altis life uninstalled the database, completely wiped it clean from my server took the vanilla files and reinstalled them and the database, same problem. Not only was this a problem on the server that is in another state by the way I tried on my personal computer and same thing. I have absolutely NO IDEA what the frigging f**k the problem is. I'm down to the point where I'm just about ready to completely wipe arma 3 from both my computer and server and forget arma exists at all. I have spent since the 14th of December last year trying to find the problem and I just can't. You can find my server rpt logs here If someone, anyone can help me that would be amazing. Thanks
  3. Okay so I posted this on the Altis Life forums and apparently nobody knows what might cause the issue as you can see here. Yesterday it worked perfectly fine everything that was meant to appear like, the shop, the market etc appeared in the scroll box. This evening when I went to log on, this is what ended up happening. I can still access the shops but I'm literally blind selecting, the box doesn't extend. The only thing I did last night was to add a new mine and I added it to the stringtable, I looked in the stringtable but there's nothing out of place in what I added, everything is exactly the same. This happened on 5.0 but I reverted to 4.4r3 of Altis Life because I just couldn't find the issue and now it's happening again. I'm going to remove everything I added yesterday and see if it resolves the problem but I want to get ahead of the incoming frustration and anger. If you have any hints or suggestions I'm open to it. Thanks
  4. Okay so all today my server console was perfectly fine until I was making edits to my scripts and when I tried to load the server it came up with the classic "Arma 3 has stopped working" every time I tried to join my server, but it wasn't my game it was the servers console, naturally I thought I must have botched something in the code because it was working fine not 10 minutes before, after going through double and triple checking there were no mistakes in the code, so just to make sure I re-downloaded the vanilla mission file and threw it in the MP Missions folder, fired up the server bat file and guess what? "Arma 3 has stopped working". I have no idea what's causing this, I've tried looking but other crash related topics are game client crashes not server crashes. I did notice in the server logs, which you can read here: https://pastebin.com/51np6PFj, an Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 68535F6D appeared, I tried looking for this too and only 1 post came up which was a completely different situation from mine. I do run the server through my personal client, however this is purely for testing purposes and never ever in the entire time I've been mission editing ARMA 3 has this been an issue for me so I highly doubt this would be the cause, also while typing this I've stopped to check to see if there are any posts about this somewhere instead of annoying you all with a repeated one, I found a few that were similar but were the cause of mods, something I don't have enabled on mine it's all vanilla assets. Anyway if anyone has had this issue before or knows of a solution please let me know a possible solution, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. person2611

    Airdrop Audio Broadcast

    Thanks for the link, I'll give this a try soon.
  6. person2611

    Airdrop Audio Broadcast

    Sorry for the late reply. Yeah I tried this with remoteExec and couldn't get it to work, I began to get very frustrated with it so I just put it to one side for a while.
  7. Okay so out of 10 my level of knowledge on coding is 5, I came across an air drop script and I want to change the broadcast to an audio file but I'm not 100% certain. I figured I'd need to put it in the generate file where the broadcasting begins as you can see here: https://pastebin.com/qDNYYcwe I looked at the playSound3D but I noticed it might be more for within a radius of 100m or whatever I set it to. How might I achieve a server wide play rather than a radius? Thank you.
  8. person2611

    PA announcements

    Ah wicked I was looking for something like this. thanks
  9. person2611

    PA announcements

    Why thank you, I managed to find a guide but it was for ARMA 2 so I figured the code was out of date, however I will fiddle with this. Thank you kindly. Grumpy Old Man commented on PA announcements 1 minute ago
  10. person2611

    PA announcements

    Ah wicked I was looking for something like this. thanks
  11. So I've been thinking that it is more than likely possible I can create a script that will play a customized .ogg file through an object that will play the sound within a certain radius instead of to everyone playing on the server, before I attempt creating a script and failing miserably would I actually need to create a script or could I place the object like you do with a billboard and adding custom art to it? I'm pretty new to this so before I venture into making something from scratch I just want to know if something like that was possible without having to write a script for it. Thanks.
  12. person2611

    Backpack skin DB conflict

    ****SOLVED**** Issue was I needed to add something along the lines of this below. waitUntil {backpack player == "B_Kitbag_cbr"}; (unitBackpack player) setObjectTextureGlobal [0,"textures\skin_name.paa"]; waitUntil {backpack player != "B_Kitbag_cbr"}; };
  13. person2611

    Backpack skin DB conflict

    Yeah I tried that too it won't set the texture I had a look at the wikia before posting I have the correct classname and skin applied this code: If (backpack player == "Backpack_Classname") doesn't work either it was the first thing I tried after the container issue.
  14. So I'm having an issue with setting a backpack skin onto my Altis Life server, before I continue I have posted on their forum as well but I can shake the feeling I'm a beggar when I post on there, I get the feeling the help is very, shall we say, limitied by choice, granted they are extremely helpful when they reply and I am very grateful for the help they provide but I kind of want to expand that help and not just confine it to the forum. Now to the issue. When I try and add the backpack skin in with the "if(backpackContainer player)" code my database throws a tanty and just gives me the 'request received from server.... validating' I've come to the conclusion that with the 'backpackContainer' part it's conflicting with the container sql code needed for housing storage. I'm fairly familiar with Arma coding but not that advanced to figure out a solution, so has anyone had this problem or doesn anyone know a solution the to problem, I'm at a loss as to fixing it. Thank you. (Please sir may I have some code?)
  15. Shame the pictures haven't been added on most of them, but then again can't have everything we want.