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    Well, I haven't seen anything posted about this recently, so I guess I'll throw this out there. I've been having an issue with the Zeus virtual entity not working if repawns are enabled. I'm trying to set up a mission where I can play as Zeus to GM games for a few friends. I wanted to create my own mission (instead of just using the ZGM missions) to make a base for them to start in and set up some stuff around the map that I wanted to have more control over than is possible just in Zeus. However, whenever I try to play as Zeus, it starts me out on the respawn screen, even though Zeus is set up as a Virtual Entity, and thus cannot spawn. This makes the Zeus Virtual Entity completely useless with respawns enabled. I have been looking and looking for a solution, and found a post from February where the Devs acknowledge this issue and say they are working on it, but it's October now and it is apparently still not working. I'd really like to see this get fixed, since the only workaround I've found is to create a character to inhabit and just go into the Zeus interface from there, which is cumbersome and appears to have limited options as opposed to the virtual entity Zeus. I really want to be able to make it work just like the ZGM missions, which seems to be impossible as far as I can tell. I am pretty new to content creation for Arma though, so I might just not know how to do it.