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  1. Hello T8 I have the Module version of T8U installed and am trying to create a group (opfor) that will attack a marker when A Radio trigger is activated. So my marker names are AttackStart and AttackHere I have it working in the Script version installed in the mission folder, Just want to try out your Module version. Can This be done? Great job by the way. I am finding this easier to use then DAC.
  2. First of all, This has got to be the MOST USEFUL Mod made for Arma. You should get some sort of Medal for this. Thank you so much for taking your time in developing this. I am sure that once you have completed this the Arma Community will vote that as Mod #1, if they don't then they should all be Court Marshalled and Shot. :lol: Question: Are you or will you still be actively working on this Mod? Comments. After I loaded this Mod my Controls changed. I am no longer able to fly a helo with the mouse and a few others controls have changed also. Has anyone else had this problem and is this caused by the AthenaMod?