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  1. Enfusion is the new engine (used in DayZ) while Real Virtuality Engine 4 is the engine of arma 3
  2. DELTA_ 44

    GRAA Modpack 3.0

    Lol I unpacked the voices.pbo from arma 1 and placed the voices on the ofp voices.pbo... now I have arma 1 voices (much better) with the extreme cool "bip bip". I replaced even the musics. I took them mostly from arma 2 and a few from arma 3 for example "this is war"... The feelings of dying in ofp and hearing the arma 2 death theme... BEAUTIFUL. By the way, ofp can support even 1 GB of voices... the only issue is that when someone speak for the first time (after opening the game) the game freeze for 2 seconds... then you're fine. Sorry for my english
  3. The latest engine update changed the performance or loading time for you?
  4. guys check my 3 last bug report because no-one is paying attention... really annoying bug. Especially the server log bug
  5. DELTA_ 44

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    Hey try to go on development branch maybe it can help ;-)
  6. DELTA_ 44

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    I don't have any problem with the launcher... strange Se sei italiano dimmelo ahahahaa ho letto un "ciao" in un tuo post
  7. DELTA_ 44

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    what problems have the BIS launcher? For the 64 bit version....
  8. Can it be corrected? it's very annoying...
  9. DELTA_ 44

    You've played to much Arma when:

    AHHAHAHUAUAUAUAHAHAHAHUAAHHAAHHA!!! Wtf this topic is the best!!!!! My case: when I go to school, sit down and I say: 2 is ready! and when the teacher enter in classroom and I do the military salute and say: good, morning. sir! sorry for my english but i'm italian and i'm 16 so i'm already learning english
  10. soooo, the enfusion engine will be ported also for arma 3? oh yeah!!!! 64 bit support? I heard 60 constant fps in 2018? ehhehehe I think in 2018 I buy a new msi pc notebook
  11. For me the msaa don't change fps, the same for ao, cloud, hdr, dynamic light... The textures don't change fps for me.
  12. I know, yes I forgot the visual distance!! 500 or 100 cause no difference... I have set to 1000 Oh my pc spec: Intel pentium n3540 4 cores 2,16 GHz autoboost up to 2,66 GHz RAM 8 GB 1333MHz DDR3 SSD samsung 850 EVO Nvidia 920m 1 GB dedicated Notebook. One of my friends have my gpu but an i5... he's able tu run arma 3 at my settings on 30/35 fps... He have a notebook...
  13. My video settings is the best for my config. I have tested all settings and actually I have the best for my pc. And the graphics is Amazing! max texture, min objects deatils, cloud ultra (no difference in fps) no shadows, no PiP, msaa ultra (no fps difference), ao ultra (no fps difference because the difference of fps is only at high fps and I reach max 30 fps XD) 100% sampling quality (no fps difference), caustics on (no fps difference), dinamic light ultra and hdr standard. This is my settings, If I set to very low, I have no gain. So It's the game, it's bad optimized but still one of the best game I've seen in my life (16 years XD)... Try Operation flashpoint part 1 (it's the original remaked part of campaign) it's awesome!
  14. I don't play at that shitty "altis life". I play all the time singleplayer and ofter multi... And I don't have a potato... arma is optimized like a shit and I'm disappointed because I see all the time: bug fix, added new function but I never saw the words "now the game is more optimized and runs better" And... I don't have to spend €1500 for playing arma 3.. I'm not a rich person XD