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    [EU] The Stygian Guard - Professional Milsim PMC

    The Guard has had a successful first few months! After a Christmas break we continue forth on Operation Pella, engaging both the renegade ALA and communist guerillas in the jungles of Niakala, attempting to restore StygiCorp's supply of palm oil. Guardsmen have deployed on a wide range of taskings including assaulting fixed positions in the jungle, ambushing reinforcement convoys, defending against artillery and infantry assaults, and rounding off the first half of the operation by "appropriating" ALA equipment to gate-crash a liaison between ALA and guerilla representatives. Between main operations the Guard has honed its skills and drills with regular field training exercises, slowly growing and adapting its tactics to develop its own brand of mobile and aggressive light infantry warfare. Multiple Phase 1 courses have seen new additions to the Guard, the Squad Medic course has increased our survivability, and the nascent Phase 2 and Team Leader courses on the horizon open up the new ranks of Specialist and Corporal to our long-suffering Guard veterans. In addition, we have held two highly successful themed off-nights, one on Halloween involving an investigating into a missing Guard patrol on a zombie-infested island, and one at Christmas reliving the Battle of the Bulge from the perspective of the American 101st Airborne. We're very proud of our progress and look forward to growing ever further as we push into 2023!
  2. Overview During the financial uncertainty following the COVID-19 pandemic, the international megacorporation StygiCorp - the world's largest manufacturers of those weird metal trays that slot into the bottom of toasters - took advantage of the economic turmoil, founding and outfitting its own subsidiary company of private military contractors, known as the Stygian Guard. Headquartered in Surrey, England, and drawn largely from British volunteers, the Guard quickly developed a reputation as a sleek and professional private security solution. It cut a name for itself on the edge of its aggression, becoming well-known in international circles for its black-clad operatives renowned for their ability to face down stacked odds with grit, determination, and a healthy dose of British gallows’ humour. With experienced leadership, a distinguished esprit de corps, and a highly effective set of standard operating procedures based off those used by the British Army, the Stygian Guard are a fast-rising name in the field of private military solutions, and the scope of their operations takes them across the globe, carrying out taskings of all calibres in the defence of StygiCorp’s interests. Style of Operations The Stygian Guard is a European milsim community dedicated to portraying a somewhat tongue-in-cheek platoon of specialist infantry. Our doctrine is based loosely on British Army standard operating procedures, with some zest thrown in and some irrelevant-to-ARMA faff thrown out. We pride ourselves on our inclusivity and sense of humour and prioritise fun and enjoyment over everything else when it comes to unit operations. We work hard on our training and seek to offer new members a very high standard of milsim with a great deal of attention to detail, resulting in rewarding operations where execution of drills and skills to a high standard brings satisfying victory after satisfying victory. Being a private military contractor, the Guard deploys on a huge variety of taskings, and no two operations are ever the same. We maintain that Guard operations should be an enjoyable hobby and an escape from the drudgery of real life. As such, there is very little in the way of admin, and our activity policy is extremely lax - in most cases members' only mandatory requirement is that they click a Discord reaction once a week. Otherwise, members are free to come and go as they please. Our progression system, very loosely based on the US Army's progression of ranks, is tailored to suit a gaming community rather than a rigid military, with dedicated members able to progress through the ranks with clear milestones to reward their effort. There are opportunities throughout the ranking structure to lead Guardsmen into combat, while the admin responsibilities of running the Guard day-to-day are separated into staff arms, meaning members seeking combat leadership are not necessarily required to pick up out-of-operations responsibilities. Overall, the Guard seeks to maintain a healthy balance between fun, humour, and the pursuit of excellence. This is our family. Recruitment & Training Joining the Guard is simple and is handled through our Discord server. We have five basic requirements that are non-negotiable: You must have an active Discord account. You must own a copy of ARMA 3 (only the base game is necessary). You must have a working microphone (we must be able to hear you clearly). You must have a conversational knowledge of English (so we can communicate with you). You must be at least 18 years old. If you meet these requirements, you can join our Discord and run through a simple and informal interview with one of the Guard's S1 officers. If you are deemed to be a good fit, you will be given access to the rest of the server, and embark upon your training. New members are inserted into the Guard at Private Trainee (PV1) rank. You must complete a two-hour Phase 1 training, reaching the rank of Private Second Class (PV2) if you pass, to join the Guard on main operations. This is to reduce stress on our Guardsmen, Team Leaders, and Squad Leaders, as it can be very annoying to have to run brand-new recruits through basic tactics, game mechanics, and addon setup. Following that, there are additional opportunities, including a Phase 2 session covering more advanced infantry skills, Junior and Senior Leadership Courses, and beyond. The Guard is in its nascent stages so the infantry path is the main focus, but plenty of opportunities are in development. Leadership & Logistics Members reaching the rank of either Specialist or Corporal may join one of the Guard's five staff arms: S1 / Recruitment & Retention S2 / Intelligence, Squad Admin & Member Development S3 / Operational Planning S4 / Mission Making S7 / Training As mentioned, these staff arms are not necessarily tied to a certain rank; members may reach the very highest echelons of the Guard through years of consistent engagement and not take part in the Guard's day-to-day running if they do not wish to. The Guard operates a dedicated server for ARMA 3, as well as a TeamSpeak 3 server as our main operational communications channel. Join the Guard The Guard operates on Mondays and Tuesdays alternating each week at 7pm British time (GMT/BST). If you like what you're reading, we'd love to meet you. Join us here; http://discord.gg/p6Y7EhgBPr
  3. 'Swift & Bold' 160 Infantry Brigade is an ArmA 3 military simulation unit emulating one of the British Army's Adaptable Force Brigades; focusing on the authentic and immersive depiction of light role operations. The aim and ethos of the Brigade is to present the operational capacity of the infantry and the trials and tribulations undertaken by British servicemen with respect, attention to detail and an attitude befitting the discipline, determination and tenacity of HM Armed Forces on operations across the globe. Careers Subject to basic recruitment requirements listed below, 160 Infantry Brigade accepts all recruits applying through our website submission form for a 20-minute retention interview in our TeamSpeak server. This interview covers a wealth of topics from personal experience and eligibility to situational light infantry questions to test and develop an applicant's common sense in a military environment. Once through this interview, the applicant is accepted as a Recruit and assigned either to the Rifles Training Company within 1 ITB or 2 Army Training Regiment depending on desired role. Prospective infantrymen looking to join 1st Battalion, The Rifles as part of the Brigade's primary deployable combat force will then undertake a condensed version of the Combat Infantryman's Course which lasts between three and five hours over the course of one evening and teaches all basic skills required to operate as a Rifleman at section level. Prospective Signallers and Combat Medical Technicians participate in a more basic version at Phase 1; a two hour Common Military Syllabus (Recruits) course, before moving on to Phase 2 for either the Regular Radio Users cadre or Phase 2 RAMC. Experience is key within 160 Infantry Brigade. Although every step is taken to ensure an authentic experience representative of the modern Rifles Regiment, the unit deviates in key areas from British Army doctrine and it is the wealth of experienced gained as part of the unit as opposed to an individual's experience in milsim that defines our leaders. For those with enough time and dedication under their belts, potential junior non-commissioned officer courses are held when positions open to determine candidates for the next generation of section commanders. Successful JNCO candidates then undertake Phase 3 training as part of the section commander's battle course; with further options including the platoon serjeant's battle course available. Basic Recruitment Requirements: - 16+ years of age - Based in a European time zone - Excellent grasp of the English language - A working microphone and copy of ARMA 3 - Able to attend the majority of Friday operations - An interest in organised, realistic and teamwork-oriented military simulation - The will to learn and support the unit's development Other Information 160 Infantry Brigade is a small milsim unit, representing at largest a single infantry platoon of 1st Battalion, The Rifles. Our aim during operations is to focus in on light role infantry combat, eschewing supporting elements such as joint helicopter command or recce platoon in order to concentrate our efforts on producing the finest infantry milsim we can possibly achieve. Those looking to perform pilot, vehicle crew, sniper or special forces roles will not find this unit accommodating for their tastes. All Brigade operations take place once a week on Fridays at 1900Z. Unit communication, warning orders, leave of absence and administration is handled through a Discord server and steps will be taken to discipline and eventually remove members who fail to communicate and/or contribute adequately to the unit. Links Website: http://www.160infantrybrigade.org/
  4. Squad name: 160 Infantry Brigade Timezone/Location: Western Europe (based in the UK) Gamemode preference: Milsim Co-Op Contact email: a3160infantry@outlook.com Website address:https://www.160infantrybrigade.org/ Short description: Authentic & immersive light role operations based on the British Rifles Regiment Language: English
  5. Sjt. J. Brown

    [WIP] Black Powder mod

    Echoing what a gentleman said above about the idea of milsimming this sort of thing. From what you've shown us so far I'd say this mod is a superb piece of work and I'm also of a mind that releasing it as an alpha would be a great idea. Not only because I'm anxious to have a go at all the cool stuff you've worked out, but also because I feel players utilising the mod for a variety of different uses will bring out any issues or bugs over a massive spectrum much more quickly. Plus, I have no doubt that you will improve on the following you already have here! Really great stuff, keep it up guys. Looking forward to seeing this released.
  6. Sjt. J. Brown

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Spectacular. Cheers for all your help and support, and keep on trucking with those mods. They're great. :D
  7. Sjt. J. Brown

    3CB BAF Equipment

    I should likely learn to read before asking stupid questions. That's fantastic news, thank you! At risk of repeating the same mistake; I've trawled the OP and the last couple of pages and can't find a timescale for this upcoming release. Do you guys have any idea when it'll be out? We've been using the SBS berets for so long we're growing gills.
  8. Sjt. J. Brown

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Thanks for the swift reply. If the model isn't currently on the backburner and you do need those extra resources, I'm sure I could enlist someone from the unit to get them done. Could you elaborate as to exactly what you'd need from us? Cheers!
  9. Sjt. J. Brown

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Hey lads. The four BAF mods you guys have released are absolutely incredible; we've been using them happily for a few months now and they've added a whole new dimension to our unit. Stunning work, and the attention to detail is inescapable. Would you folks consider adding to your collection of berets? The unit I represent portrays a section of 1st Battalion, The Rifles and the only available beret model in the correct colour with the right cap badge is a little... odd-looking. We all love the ability to sling your bucket at will and the differentiation between the personal role radio version and the normal one is great. If you need any help with it (not that I personally have any clue what I'm doing) any of us in 1 RIFLES would be more than happy to lend our aid! Keep up the great work, guys. - a very appreciative set of milsim blokes