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  1. 1 hour ago, TheLimbo365 said:


    The first generations of M1 helmets didn't include breakaway straps for when a helmet is forced off your head (For example by explosive shockwaves) which resulted in some men having their necks broken/heads blown off


    This is the reason most of the images you see of American troops they don't wear their chin straps! (It was fixed quite rapidly but by that time the PR damage had been done and no one wanted to wear chin straps)


    That is an another reason, true. I left it out, because even after the World War II some people preferred not to wear straps with M1 helmets and (to my knowledge) the myth was not a contributing factor anymore — comfort was — and I did not know which factor was more significant in World War II. 

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  2. How common it was among US paratroopers to leave the chin strap open? I've been looking some images recently and you rarely see the chin traps fastened (outside of parachuting and training). Of course that might be due the fact that the photos have been taken mostly outside of combat, but on the other hand when you look the pictures of i.e. British paratroopers they tend to have their chin traps fastened all the time. It also seems many people removed the multi-point retention straps, even though to my eyes it looks somewhat more comfortable than the simple two-point straps. To my knowledge, the regular M1 helmet wobbled around a lot and the chin straps didn't always help that, but instead made the helmet feel even more awkward and uncomfortable to some people, so they preferred to leave them unfastened / fasten them over the back rim of the helmet.


    If that is the case with M2 helmets too, will we see few more variants with open straps / without multi-point retention straps / straps fastened over the back rim of the helmet? 

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  3. I just want to say my heartfelt thanks to RHS team. ArmA III would be totally different experience for many of us without your effort. The quality of content is on par with standalone games, there's shit-ton of content and people have spent thousands of hours creating it and it's all free. That's something nobody should take for granted. 


    I also want to say special thanks to LAxemann. If Sabre is the god of texturing, LAxemann is definitely the god of sounds. 

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  4. not really, we did say after 1.66, but there is no definitive date.

    PS: next year is still after 1.66, so is 2018 ;)




    in all seriousness, RHS doesn't "lacks" russian gloves, we simply didn't get to it = time (it brings nothing to the table, so it will happen when one of us will say: "hey, why don't i spend the next few days making gloves" - it also means we need to duplicate .p3d file(s) to get the "gloves uniform" variant(s) ).


    i hope this answers your "curiosity"


    Well, it was genuine curiosity.  :D  You can see Russian soldiers wearing and not wearing gloves, so there's nothing inherently wrong not to have gloves (in terms of realism ofc, from developer's perspective it's good when they say so). I just wondered if the gloves were something that were totally out of the question, since I remember someone asked about them in the past (not very nicely though) and the response left me with an impression that somebody doesn't like gloves much. So thank you very much for your response. 


    But yes, I can totally see you'll probably want to spend your scarce time for some other things. Gloves do have very little impact to the overall gameplay after all. 

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  5. Well, let's see what the new vanilla update breaks... ehm... brings. :P


    Exactly my reaction.  :D Although in all seriousness, from players perspective it's pretty nice they continue to support and improve the game, even though in a short term the effects may be negative when it comes down to mods. However, I would imagine that for some content creators those updates that break addons/mods can be rather annoying, especially if the updates doesn't bring features that would directly benefit your mod. It just means extra work if you want to keep your content up to date.


    Also ... I'm not so sure if I'm allowed to ask this (although I think this falls into the category of curiosity rather than a request), but will we ever see some Russian uniforms with glove variants? I mean is there some specific reason why the mod lacks them or is it just because of personal preference (or both)? 

  6. Looks great!


    Hopefully you didn't get the wrong impression from the last posts. I really, really appreciate the effort you put into these. To be honest, my personal contribution to Arma III modding community is basically non-existent. However, I've modded other games (such as Skyrim) quite a bit, so I think I have some kind of idea how much effort it actually takes to make something into a game. I think that's the main reason why requesting someone to make this and that is pretty damn rude. It's just takes so much time and effort to make something. If it didn't, I personally wouldn't mind if someone asked me to do thing "x" for them. Although in my case, I didn't actually ask you to do anything (at least that wasn't my intention). I just saw the discussion about radios and such, and I thought it couldn't hurt if I stated my opinion about the breaching shotguns, considering other people had their opinions about other stuff as well and you didn't seem to mind it. If you would've agreed with my opinion and with the arguments behind it, then you would've done the things in a way I personally would've preferred, because you would've preferred the alternative way too. 

  7. You do know you don't have to use Breacher loadout right?


    No sir, I didn't know that. I thought the high quality wirecutters would force me to do that. 


    I was just wondering why would anyone want some piece of equipment to be just for looks when there's an alternative to make it functional. Of course this is your mod and you can do whatever you want with it, but no need to be so butthurt when someone just (rather politely) states their opinion and suggests an alternative way to do things. I'm not expecting that if I happen to have some kind of opinion everyone should adapt to it and think the same way. I just proposed an alternative and nothing more. 

  8. Time for me to make a statement.


    First of all I want to apologize for making such a drastic update without even informing anyone and for removing headgear and facemasks. They will make a comeback but they will be redone same as vests. Everything before V1.0 was just testing and figuring out on how to standardize this mod. 


    Now onto better news. 

    I read two pages of your comments and these will be my next steps:


    Regarding Vests:


    1. Bring Back Grenadier Vest

    2. Bring Back Pistol Holster on Vest

    3. Fix the chemlights texture by adding dust

    4. Switch back to closed magazine pouches


    Regarding Back Pouches:


    1. Do a Comms Pouch set. I will remove big antenna from Assaulter vest and make it as a back pouch with its own radio on the back (Maybe even make it compatible with TFAR)

    2. Do a Hydration Pouch set (Hydration pouch on the back with few extra pouches for storage)

    3. Do a Breacher Pouch set (Bolt cutter Pouch with Shotgun attached on the back)

    4. Do a Explosives Pouch set (This is still questionable. If I were to create Slap Charge I will do this)

    5. Do a Pointman Pouch set (Have few smokes, flashes on the back of the vest along with general purpose pouches)


    Keep me informed on what you want. I intend to make you happy :)



    Personally I wouldn't want to see Breacher set with shotgun attached to it. There's a mod out there that lets you equip two primary weapons. In other words, you can have your main weapon on your hand whilst having the shotgun at your back and you can switch between them whenever you want. This way the shotgun you're carrying will be functional piece of equipment, not just something for looks. Compile that with a script that makes it possible to breach doors with shotguns and you can become a real virtual breacher. 


    The mod I'm talking about is of course Double Weapon by Vlad333000:




  9. Oh ye of little faith! Don't worry-it will happen.



    Its scary silent on this topic witch can mean 2 things.

    1. The Moddulers are working hard on the mod .


    2. everybody has forgotten the mod.

    :D  ;)




    3. They're working on it at their own pace. Sometimes hard, sometimes not that hard. Sometimes there isn't any spare time to work on the project, sometimes there's plenty of it.



    But don't you worry. Although I can't speak on someones behalf, I've got the impression this is most certainly one of the projects that will be finished sooner or later. The team is experienced and most likely they want the mod released as much as you do, since there's nothing quite like it out there (especially in terms of realism). Just be patient.

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