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  1. I have a problem with the main quest.
  2. @Morbo5131 I Agree with almost everything your saying and i like your suggestion. Either the radio chatter or the map overlay has to stay thou. Or we need something else that tells you if you are still considered hostile or not. You can repair your vehicle at every Civilian repair vehicle (Offroader with lights on top and the VAN's). I would not like a shared safehouse storage. I prefer that i have to fight with the equipment that is accesable to me in a certain region. If i don't have the stuff i want at a certain place than i have to transport it there or i get it by attacking CSAT or finding a geo cache. Implementing this feature would quickly result in constantly running arround with the same perfect loudout. I totally agree with everything else!
  3. I have played the scenario approximately 5 hours now. This is my feedback so far. In generall i really like it. But there is a lot that can be improved in my opinion. Of course it might be that my view differs greatly from what the developer want to archieve with their mission. 1. Random encounters This is one of my biggests criticisms. Random encounters happen way to often and they don't seem to serve any purpose. -First Guerillias should not randomly patrol the roads. They don't hold any territory they must protect. So why patrol in the middle of the open? Also they sometimes patrol only 200m away from the next CSAT outpost without attacking it. My Suggestion: Guerillias should attack checkpoints, police station, outposts, stuff like that. Actuall points of interrests. After an attack they should retreat immidiately. Of course they might ambush a patrol. But CSAT should not send them in the middle of nowhere where they can be sure they will get killed. -Second: CSAT or police patrols should be way bether prepared. Give them armored Vehicles. Its very immersion breaking to witness several firefights every day, each time a small CSAT patrol getting stomped by several attackers. Why do they send guys out if they get killed anyway? -Third the CSAT reinforcement are to few and to weak. From time to time they should actually send an APC or even a Tank. Of course not everytime. -Fourth: If you stumble across a firefight CSAT should react different. Every civillian could just be a disguised Guerillia. They should warn the player to back off and if he doesn't they should open fire. Its just weird how you currently can walk onto a battlefield, pick up a fallen soldiers weapon and nobody cares. Currently because of all the firefights im sitting on an whole armory of CSAT weapons. 2. Checkpoints -It would be nice to have a list of items that are forbidden. At the start you get a hint that tells you what is allowed and what not. But i can't figure out how to get that information again. Im also not eager to try that out. Last savepoint might be a while back :D. -It also should have consequences if you try to pass a checkpoint with a stolen vehicle. -Being able to bribe a checkpoint would be cool too. Then there would be more stuff you need money for. 3. Some more stuff - CSAT should be more aggresive when they see you having a weapon - Minor spoiler: It should be possible to get explosives from the red spring mine by disuising as mine worker and stealing a ID card - It would be nice if CSAT defenses where different during night times than during day time. At one mission i decided to wait for the night but had to realize that nothing changes. Thats all for now. Of course from time to time it is noticable that this is only a beta But it is a lot of fun already! Keep up the good work please.
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    What mods will i need to play this?
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    Could it be that the auto penalty for teamkilling isn't working or is disabled on the official server?
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    Hello guys. I just wanna give my feedback for the Warlord gamemode. I think this is the right place. I played this gamemode a few days so far. First i really like it. But here are some points that bother me a little bit. - Warlord tanoa south: If OPFOR wants to attack Doodstil then there fast travel point lies inside the deathzone of Saioko. - Warlord Malden is very unbalanced. BLUFOR needs to capture 4 sectors before they can even get choppers. All of these sectors are not on the fastest route to the enemy base which is really bad. That makes 9 sectors to the OPFOR base, for BLUFOR if they want to be able to get choppers when they first meet OPFOR. But even then BLUFOR hasn't even secured the route to their own base (La Pessagne, Arudy). That means they have to capture 11 sectors. OPFOR only has to capture 7 sectors in order to get choppers, a route to the BLUFOR base and to secure the route to their own base. - It looks like there is no official server where you can re vote witch sector to capture next. - You get way to much CP. On malden i normally already have arround 20000CP before i meet the first enemy players. New players who join at that point can't even buy a rocket launcher. - Vehicles and weapons with thermal sights are not expensive enough. - It should be limited how many armed vehicles you can get the same way it is limited how many soldiers you can have. - I really don't like sector scan. It's enabled on every official server. In my opinion you should only get one sector scan after you captured a sector so you can see wherer enemys are still hiding. - Destroying heavy vehicles or choppers should give more cp - As soon as the players get their first Vehicles it gets way to easy to take sectors from the independent faction, which makes the game really boring till you finally meet the first enemy players. Independent need more heavy vehicles and more titan launchers as soon as the players have more CP. - It already happend to me that the loosing faction started spawning tons of quadbikes to make the server crash. At last one question. Would the performance increase if dead bodys would dissapear earlier? Because right now they keep lying arround for quite a long time.
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    End Game Server

    Could one of the official EU end game server switch the map to Altis with the difficulty Veteran or higher? At the Moment you have to purchase the DLC if you want to play End Game.
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    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    yep your totally right
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    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    So after you finished your discussion (Quite interessting and matches with what i have heard about this topic), i would really like to hear some more opinions about my chopper problem. Do you even experience the same strange chopper behaviour? I know the problem with light attack helicopter hovering in the air waiting to be shot is well known. But what about the Heavy attack helicopter like the Katjman? Half a year ago they worked pretty well for me. But now they often refuse to attack like you can see in my videos. No im not using mods. I already postet this problem in the feedback tracker. But like my other post it doesn't look like somebody noticed it. Right now i think its absoulutely useless to give the AI controll about a chopper. What's your oppinion?
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    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    At the Moment the AI uses choppers very bad. Light attack helicopter like the Pawnee mostly don't hit anything. You can't use them to attack Infatry, vehicles or anything else. As zeus i placed a CSAT squad. Then i placed a Pawnee and gave him the order to attack the soldiers. A few seconds later he was destroyed without making a single kill. I placed another chopper who got shot down too. I procceded this. After the squad shot down 4 choppers they nearly stopped shooting at the fifth one (They still had tons of ammo no idear why they stopped attacking). Finally the fifth chopper was able to make some kills. But after 20min still some of the CSAT squad were alive. But the behaviour of heavy attack choppers is not much bether. Mostly they only use their guided missiles on a distance more then 3000m. I spawned 5 Kajman 1000m arround a mora. The mora destroyed all of them without problems. The heavy attack choppers attack very inefectiv and are nearly useless in most cases.