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  1. Thanks for confirming. Seems to be working for me also now. In relation to the random placement of the IED itself. What would be the best way to make it spawn in 1 of 3 locations using markers, or should i be doing it another way?
  2. HaggisRoll

    Suicide Bomber

    Hi Folks. I've been trying to get this to work for a few hours now with no luck. I wonder if someone could confirm its working still. I have basically got blufor unit down and a civilian. civillian is called bomber_1 in the civ init field i have null = [bomber_1,50] execVM "Scripts\Bomber_snackbar.sqf"; Have the scripts folder tree as explained. Thing is. If i move towards the civilian to see if its working nothing happens and he just stands there. If i shoot him the end of the script works and he blows himself up. Am i missing something at the start of the script that i need to change to make it start. Thanks for any help i get. Ignore this. I got it. needs to played out in the host mission as opposed to just the editor.
  3. Thanks. I'll try this one tonight. I actually got it working from trawling Google, the Forums and YouTube. The the next waypoint after the land wp, i set it up on a trigger which in the condition field i have "({alive _x;} count (units group1) == {_x in evac;} count (units group1))" Tried it and tried it and it works fine. Shot a few of my group also to see if the heli still takes off and it does without issue's. Delighted it works, but i will try yours also. Thanks for help.
  4. Still cant get this to run for me. Changed the above to: ( {alive _x } count allPlayers ) isEqualTo ( {_x in evac} count allPlayers ) but the Heli just sits there and wont move to the waypoint with the condition in it. I know i could just set it up as a radio call-in using support requester, or putting it on a timed landing which is easy enough, however i like the fact that heli wil be called in by setting off a trigger which means its up to the team to protect it at the lz. Am i missing something?
  5. Thanks for the info here. However i would like to try and get the extraction hands free so to speak. So only activated by making it to a certain point specified on the map.
  6. Thanks for reply. I'll give this a go this evening after work. Suppose in theory it should be like the escape from tanoa heli evac, however sometimes that can be painful if not every player is at the evac point when heli comes in. Thanks again for the help. will post back on my results.
  7. Hi Guys. Not one for making new posts about stuff thats been done time and time again. But have a question regarding the heli extraction in the Eden Editor. I recently made a mission where the heli would come in and extract players when trigger set off. All works fine, Except when the heli lands it wont take off even though all players are in the heli. I used the !alive unit1 or unit in heli1 and !alive unit2 or unit 2 in heli1 script. I made this up to unit 8. But i think my problem is i only had 6 players playing the mission at the time so therefor the script would not fire due to 2 players not present in the game. Is there a way i can modify this to count playable units first. Thanks in advance