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  1. HI all. Wonder if anyone would be as kind enough to help me out with a script for random spawn of ai. I would like to place 10 markers down on the map. and then when trigger is activated. an ai will spawn and then move to 1 of 10 random waypoints(markers) I know i need to make another array with the marker positions in it. But not sure on how to put it all together. At the moment i have it working using the following, however i want to add random start points. _mygroup = [getmarkerpos "HVT", EAST, ["O_officer_F"],[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; // HVT is an empty marker called HVT_wp1 = _mygroup addWaypoint [getmarkerpos "wp1", 0]; // wp1 is an empty marker called wp1_wp2 = _mygroup addWaypoint [getmarkerpos "wp2", 0]; // wp1 is an empty marker called wp1 I'll use it in a trigger and call it there. Any help would be greta. Thanks A
  2. Hi folks. I'm trying to setup ACE Medical for a MP server. From watching various stuff online it seems mosts groups have it set so players don't die, but just need medical attention. I wonder could someone share on how i set this up this way or is there somewhere i can learn how to do it myself. Thanks in advance.
  3. Could also try LAMBS Danger Mod. Used a few times and works very well. Easy to use too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtQgvrXUXGY Steam Workshop https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1858075458
  4. HaggisRoll

    Authority 20 player coop.

    Hi folks. read through the topic and looks interesting. Is there an up to date release of this mission?. The workshop link says nothing available. Thanks in advance.
  5. This sounds good. I was trying to create say 6 missions which spawn randomly. When one is complete it will wait then spawn another mission at random. Bit of (too much to ask for) question, but has anyone got a vid of this being setup and used? Cheers in advance
  6. ARMA 3 Player HeadlessClient kicked off, steam ticket auth failed. Wonder if someone could help me out with this. Did a brand new installation of server on main and Headless. Set it all up and keep getting the error about the steam auth failed. I'm nearly at the point of giving up. I've followed all to the letter with no luck. Both servers are running on Nitrado. Any help would be great.
  7. Thanks. I figured that bit bit out. With regards to checking units are on the HC. Is werthless the most reliable way, or is there and easier option i should be using. Have infistar on the server if that helps. Maybe i can do something in the debug console!
  8. I've got it. OMG. So stupid. Had it working the other day when originally setting up the HC. My fellow Clan Member had had his server connecting to mine as it needed cup mods to run the mission. Just managed to get his server checked and low and behold, his server was still pointing at mine. Stopped his HC option in Nitrado and messages have now ceased. So. I'm back to square one again. Going to build it from the ground up again. Thanks for the help and advice. As for the above, do i need to add these headlessClients[] = {""}; localClient[] = {""}; IP addresses in my main server CFG. along with my own HC server IP. You may answer one big question i have with regards to what go#s on the HC server. Q. Do i need to have the same mods on the HC server as the main server and then the mods in the additional mods command line also.
  9. Before i try this bit. I've just re installed both servers with vanilla ARMA 3 Connected as player and i'm getting ARMA 3 Player headless client kicked off for steam auth ticket failed. Neither of the servers are setup as HC. I don't even have any headless clients running, nor does the mission. Its the basic escape from stratis Vanilla mission. Would this suggest its something on my PC that's causing the problem
  10. Tried this and still the same. I have the headless client server off at the minute and just logging on to server its giving me error. Player headlessclient connecting Player headlessclient uses modified data file Player headlessclient connected ARMA3 Player Headlessclient kicked off, Steam ticket check failed: steam authentication failed. Player headlessclient disconneted If i start the headless client it connects and shows as a Virtual entity when i log in as admin. It stays connected. Cant understand where the second one is coming from. Do i need to download arma tools or server. Thanks for helping in advance
  11. Hi. Wonder could someone maybe help me out with 2 things if there straight forward enough. I have a script that runs on mission start where an ammo box will spawn on 1 of 3 random markers. _spawnposition = selectRandom ["mkr1","mkr2","mkr3"]; //select a random spawnposition from 3 marker names _target = [getmarkerpos _spawnposition, 0, "Box_FIA_Wps_F", EAST] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; //spawn the object on the random position. _box = _target; The script seems to run fine, But i would like to make it have a variable name so when it gets destroyed, a trigger fires and a task is completed. Q1. How would i give it a variable name within the script. Q2. How could i make the ammo box move to random building pos that the marker is on. Cheers for any help in advance.
  12. The box spawn works perfectly now. I'll add the second one you gave me today and see how i get on. Thanks Again. Appreciate you taking the time to help.
  13. Nice work. Works a treat. So i take it for testing purposes on my own pc, use the top one and if on dedicated server use the bottom one. What does the "Select 0" do?
  14. Afternoon All. Wasn't entirely sure where to post, so here go's anyway. I'm looking to put a mission on my own server for myself and clan members to play through. I just seem to get writers/editors block when it comes to actually making the mission objective itself. Like the milsim group video's you see on YouTube. I can work with mods etc and like to use @alive also. Since wasteland has gone into the past now we need something else to focus on and move forward. Games will come and go, but ARMA will be always be the base of the get togethers, so if i can help keep this going any pointers would be great. Where or who should i speak to, to get a mission like the milsim groups use. I think it could be a reviving of ARMA game nights, instead of all playing different games whilst sitting in chat. Thanks for reading. A
  15. Checked out the insurgency mission above. Have a good idea what to look for now. Thanks for the pointers. Gonna throw some more on the server over the next few weeks. Also working on my own Fallujah mission too using Alive and MCC. Thanks Again.
  16. Yeah. replayability would be better. We were playing escape from Tanoa, Malden etc, but repetative after a while. I'll take a look a the 2 above this evening when i finish work. Run them and see what the guys think. Thanks again for the help. Will post how i get on.
  17. Hi Thanks. Have had a look at steam and downloaded a few, but some seem to be broken from reading the comments. Basically if i can get a good insurgency mission to compare against my own, i'll be able to tell if i'm on the right track. I May try Takistan Insurgency by Phronk.. seems interesting. Also am now looking through the user missions on the forum. I might do what you say and try and replicate an event to a certain degree and see how it plays out. Are you in a position to suggest by message or link to a couple to try. Thanks again for the reply.
  18. Nice.. Will have a mess with it and see what i can come up with.
  19. I've done it... Here it is. You guys helped with the first part. Thanks again. Basicly i can spawn a HVT at any of set locations. Once the HVT spawns, he'll move to 1 of the 3 waypoints. _spawnposition = selectRandom ["wp1","wp2","wp3","wp4","wp5","wp6","wp7","wp8","wp9","wp10"]; //select a random spawnposition from 10 marker names _HVT = [getmarkerpos _spawnposition, EAST, ["O_officer_F"],[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; //spawn the unit on the random position. _wppostistion = selectRandom ["wp_1","wp_2","wp_3"]; // selects a random spawnposition from 3 empty markers named wp_1, wp_2 & wp_3 _waypoint = _HVT addWaypoint [getmarkerpos _wppostistion,0]; // Tells the spawned HVT to add a waypoint at one of the postitions from the _wppostistion array Can i equip this unit with specific gear and clothing?... i.e laser designator.
  20. ? Can i do this with Waypoints also based on markers. Say once the unit spawns in, send him to a random marker based on an array also.
  21. Guys. You make it look so simple. Thanks a million. Been trying for days before i decied to ask.. Would love to learn more about arma coding, but find it hard to wrap my head around sometimes.
  22. Hi Folks. Trying something basic i think for a random IED spawn using garbage. Have trigger and its going off without fail, but i have a couple of issue's i was hoping to get a bit of help with. Here's what i have in my script: // Array of of whats going to go BOOM!! _shellArray = [ "G_40mm_Smoke", "Bo_GBU12_LGB" ]; _shell = _shellArray Call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; // This should select a shell from above and the array will call it randomly. // Whats going to be used as the explosive device??? _explosion = _shell createVehicle position IED ; // IED is a garbage pile placed in the area i want for placement purposes. sleep 2; deleteVehicle IED; --------------------------- Got 2 problems as far as i can tell. 1. The 2nd bomb ie smoke wont go off. if i move it to the top it will and then the 2nd bomb wont go off. 2. I have a few empty markers put down and have them set random start linked to the garbage(IED). But they dont sem to be randomly spawning on mission start. Is there something i'm missing? Please dont say a brain, i know. Thanks for any help given..
  23. Thanks for explaining it. Is there a certain way I should join arrays together. What go's first. The bomb or the markers, or does it not make a difference.
  24. This seems a bit complex for what i need, but i guess you know what you're doing. I think once i understand whats happening when calling the arrays and functions i'll get it. Just wanted to try something basic enough to understand how its working
  25. Thanks. I will try and use this. Nice. This is the tutorial i was following, but not sure if its able to run due to the age of the vid. He places markers down and then groups them to the IED. When mission starts it selects one randomly to spawn at? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bynzzMt7Fg4