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  1. I found another note - created AmbientReinforcements.sqf camp - not deleted ... while in the mission that I'm going through ... ~ 1/4 of the island - objects of type "tent" hint format ["%1",count (allMissionObjects "Land_TentDome_F")]; more than 500
  2. Temporarily player may do so (perhaps someone will come in handy): The code is inserted into the debug window (ESC) and clears all objects located outside a distance of 500 meters from the outposts (drive away the vehicle that you need to Outpost) for "_i" from 0 to ((count CARS) - 1) do { _unit = CARS select _i; _unit_pos = getPosATL _unit; if( count (nearestLocations [_unit_pos, ["CampB"], 500]) == 0 && count (nearestLocations [_unit_pos, ["PostG"], 500]) == 0) then { if !(group _unit in DONTDELGROUPS) then { if (vehicle _unit != _unit) then {_unit action ["Eject", vehicle _unit];unassignvehicle _unit; _unit action ["GetOut",vehicle _unit];}; waituntil {sleep 3;vehicle _unit == _unit}; _unit removeAllMPEventHandlers "mpkilled"; _unit removeAllMPEventHandlers "mphit"; _unit removeAllMPEventHandlers "mprespawn"; _unit removeAllEventHandlers "FiredNear"; _unit removeAllEventHandlers "HandleDamage"; _unit removeAllEventHandlers "Killed"; _unit removeAllEventHandlers "FiRed"; _unit removeAllEventHandlers "Local"; deleteVehicle _unit; }; }; };
  3. I tried today to sketch a check on the newly launched missions (think a particular case ...) Actually, I see the problem in only one ... does not remove empty equipment and a great deal, because crews constantly leave it for various reasons (see. picture). https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzWhNyyCvMmrUm5ZaWRwWTUzcUk https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzWhNyyCvMmrOVUtVTROd3VDbTA The array CARS - many takes ... see txt file RPT log. See. Image markers created by array-CARS for "_i" from 0 to ((count CARS) - 1) do { ... _unitMarkerName = createMarker [_unitMarkerName, getPosATL _unit]; ... }; hint format ["%1",count CARS]; https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzWhNyyCvMmrVGp1eExhdFJ5Vm8 file_with_rpt_log I do not know what kind of need a PC that would be the end of the mission he began to slow down and load saved ~ 500-1000 mb ... :)
  4. Thanks for answers. Cleansing does not work ... Perhaps the reason I have, but I especially do not connect anything extra, SBA + RHS + WLA only. Because cleaning - does not work - problem with the size of the mission file / load duration While the meaning of this hint format [ "% 1", count CARS]; 86008 :) Tomorrow I will try to figure out what exactly the problem ... I think somewhere in the logic of error, which was manifested in connection with what the latest updates A3 ...
  5. Hi, sorry for the English - autotranslator ... Thank you for the opportunity to explore your labors. for a long time himself engaged in the creation of scripts for Armagh, but really not much. Finally I decided to create something serious. The plans something similar to yours. In general, I took the decision to have all the necessary tasks to me. In the search to see your mission - it is bad that had not previously studied. Glad to spend about 24 hours in the game ... I am considering a mission just as a player. In this connection, a number of questions (I was trying to find the search for the topic - I apologize if I repeat): Clear ? (Clearing not used armored, vehicle and other object/Garbage script) Weapons that I put> 2 km - still lying on the ground, equipment (including blank, which the crew just left ..) My PC seems to cope with the processing of the file .... but save more than 160 MB, the download from here on Half an hour and a final - crash when saving Tanks and air defense that I buy via the interface manning the outpost - is lost if I go away, and .... for a while (and regardless of the time) the icon (when you hover on the icon on the map outpost) symbolize the presence of the purchased home appliances - I go there - it is not. Sometimes entering the equipment (vehicle)/Get in - a character dies (freeze) and already does not his "undock" even restart ... If the description of the processes where the game ...? very long I understood how to charge technique (now I use to throw off the box with a parachute). How to Repair and did not understand (except engineer) - tried to use interface "mil" - did not work ... I understand that the information in the game there - but ability to make some questions (which are in the course of the game - do not understand). At least I did not understand much in English and in the ARMA - I'm afraid that for the non-English speaking - the game simply - closed. Thanks in advance for answers