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  1. Can someone helpm e with setting up a Param for PreLobby Settings to toggle MCC_Environmental fx!? class mcc_fx { title = "MCC Weather FX Settings"; values[] = {0,1}; texts[] = { "00 - no FX (default)", "01 - Sandstorm", }; default = 0; isGlobal = 2; isDisposable = 1; function = " BIS_fnc_MP"; forceWeatherChange = 1; //so how to call the different module params from here?//// // tried smthng like: // file = "MCC_fnc_ppEffects" }; I got stuck somehow, maybe somone can push m ein the right direction... (eyes are bleeding, need coffe!!!)
  2. KrizzTough79er

    Getting ArmA 3 (AI-tanks) to behave more like ArmA 2

    3den Enhanced by Revo Description: This modification adds new functionalities to 3den, without creating any dependencies for players. That means, mission builder can use this mod to make their lifes easier without making the lifes of the players harder by forcing them to download additional mods. Features: Advanced skill settings for units http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30461
  3. KrizzTough79er

    Getting ArmA 3 (AI-tanks) to behave more like ArmA 2

    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgAISkill B)