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  1. lunatic SMC-1

    XBOX Controller Sensitivity Issue

    I just stumbled across this problem today as well, but I didn't want to use xpadder or anything similar. In case anybody else landed here on search for a solution, here's one, wich doesn't require a third party tool: In Arma Joysticks/Joypads share the sensitivity. So the more Joysticks you have ever "registered" within Arma the more the sensitivity will be split/ devided (these joysticks don't even have to be connected at the same time for this to take effect) - In my case the xbox controller was once connected as "xbox 360 wireless receiver for windows", once as "Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows" and a third time as "wireless controller". So how to get rid of those and get back a decent sensitivity? Step 1: In Arma3 go to your Joystick Settings and have a look, how your controller in use is called (Pay attention to upper cases!) Step 2: Close A3 and go to your "Users\YourUserName\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\YourProfileName" folder on your HardDisk. Step 3: Open up the file "YourProfileName.Arma3Profile" with a textedit tool like notepad and search for the entries that look like this: Step 4: Remove all the Joystick classes that you won't use - (keep that one with the "name" that you have kept in mind from your A3 settingsscreen). It seems as if the entry "offset" is progressing in steps of "256" ( =>256,512,768,1024,etc.) - I'm not sure if this is important but I adjusted it after removing joystick classes inbetween just in case. Step 5: Save and close "YourProfileName.Arma3Profile", Restart A3 and enjoy the higher sensitivity.
  2. In case anybody else comes across this problem. My solution for now is to split the content into 2 pbo files. One unbinariezed pbo, wich contains only the bush and another binarized pbo containing all the rest to keep filesisze small.
  3. Okaaaaay Problem found! (no solution though) If I uncheck "binarize" when packing the addon with addonbuilder the textures look correct ingame as well. Even though this sounds a littelbit like nonsens to me. This would mean that addons aren't supposed to be binarized?! But it has to, to become small.
  4. OK... now it's getting really weird... For testing puropses I just replaced my own .paa and rvmat files with those of a cup model. I didn't change anything except filenames and paths (including texture/material assignment in object builder). And the result is the same unfortunate one: So it seems as if I am doing something wrong with the model or while packing (I doublechecked - *.p3d, *.paa and *.rvmat files are listed to be packed into the pbo) Do I have to set some special settings for the polygons in object builder? Do I have to set something special in any config file?
  5. Thank you for trying to help me, da12thMonkey. I allready have set up the P: drive in objectbuilder as texturepath. And I don't reference to any paa or rvmat file from the base game or another mod. As you can see on the ingame/eden screenshot the texture is found (otherwise it would be just a grey object) but the transperency appears black. That's why this is so confusing to me. (btw: I also tried to use different pixel and vertex shaders in the rvmat but the transparency still becomes black)
  6. This weird thing happened to my textures after I reset the texture-location to work without "P:\" in object builder. In buldozer everything looks fine but after packing the addon the texture doesn't show any transparency anymore. Can anyone please tell me: what have I been doing wrong?! (As long as the texture assignment was reffering to my project drive the textures did look fine ingame as well. - of course that's no solution when you want to publish your work :-P)
  7. Sure. I would have done that allready, if it were ;-) So maybe I have to get into object creation earlier than I thought :-P Thank you anyway.
  8. So I've got a small problem with my terrain. There are a lot of bushes wich have collision. Usually that's totally fine but when there are big fields of bushes, those will block shots far too good. (making infantry within those fields nearly invulnerable) So I'd like to turn off the collision on those bushes to offer better gameplay. Is this possible at all? And if so, HOW do I do it? I haven't found any setting or option. (Of course I could rework all fields so that they just consist of a texture with those bushes added as clutter. But I wanted them to be good spots for hiding. And clutter will disappear on lowest gfx setting ingame, wich completely ruins the purpose of those dens bush-fields)
  9. lunatic SMC-1

    Terrain: Bariga

    You guys over at armaholic are awesome! Just to let everyone know here: The update was put on armaholic by them. So BIG shout-out to the admins there! Offering that much of service (at such a speed as well) is something - especially when thinking of how much files are available there!
  10. lunatic SMC-1

    Terrain: Bariga

    Just to let you guys know: I'm working on transforming Bariga into an island (getting rid of those infinite stripes on mapborders!) Unfortunately I've got a lot to do at my everyday work at the moment. That's why the progress is so slowly.
  11. lunatic SMC-1

    Terrain: Bariga

    Check! Added a sat image to the top post ;-)
  12. lunatic SMC-1

    Terrain: Bariga

    Thank you for the feedback. I'm very interested in such thoughts on playability as I don't consider myself a to experienced arma player to judge how usefull the terrain is. So please everyone, suggestions on how to improve the terrain for the everyday arma-live is welcome!
  13. lunatic SMC-1

    Terrain: Bariga

    Sorry, I didn't get what you were trying to say with this sentence. But I would be interested to know, as it seems to adress a playability issue. For the bushes you are right. But for my first terrain I did'nt want to get into modeling as well. So I had to rely on existing assets. Grass on the other hand can be green (my textures are based on photos...so...reality did the mistake then :-P ) You might be right about the high grass - but that is coloured by mixing in the colours of the satmap. All I could do about this is to change how high this mixing value would be (wich leaves the problem, that I relie on existing assets - and I allready talked about those) or to recolour the satmap (wich I honestly don't want to, because I think it looks quiet believeable the way it is atm.) Changing the ground textures would move the look and feel of the map either into the completely snowcovered white type or the no snow green/brown, kind of middle europe style. And that would move the terrain from it's inital goal: having a map looking different than allready existing ones. I'm sad to read, that you don't like the look that much (as it seems) but I appreciate your honest feedback. In the end it's always helpfull to get another angle of view.
  14. lunatic SMC-1

    Terrain: Bariga

    Thank you for the update Foxhound and miller. Added both links to the top post :-)
  15. lunatic SMC-1

    Terrain: Bariga

    Lol. I didn't know that. This could cause some confusion. :-D Thanks for the positive feedback so far, everyone.