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    A few suggestions

    I Like the new uodate and think it has delt with most ishures however there is still a couple of nigles i would like adressed. !. Better Resorce Manigment Could we pleas have a outpost wall will mountings for holding 2 or 4 resorce bottles and a built in skrubber. It;s just very frustrating that the only way to get a outpost tohave atmos requres you to place 3 of the huge storage tanks in a room, and this feals silly espeshaly if you a trying to build a small rad shelter. 2. Exsternal mountings An exsternal Mounting for Bottols for the Moduler Habitat. having the internal rack is fine. but it feals as if it preserises the outer hull 1st and then the rest of the hab. mabie a 2 part vent and cover like the vetical window parts 3. Resorse conetions Resorce Hozes and ways of conecting them to the Moduler Habitat and/or Outpost. I am realy geting fead up of transfering OXegen little bottel at a time. 4 Better moniter More interativity on the monitor pls yes its nice having another place where we can look at bace resorces but being able to interact with the power grid and any mashines conected would give this part better functuionality. 5 power.storage A battery unit that Soler panels can plug into and charge for night time use.so as to help even out power fultuations eseshaly from day to night if manly relighant on soler power..