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    EDEN Editor BUGS

    Yes but if i place said bride at a angle and connect say 7 more together to make a bridge with a ramp then like the 2d editor when i click save i should be able to load it on the server and it look just like i placed it not all messed up or missing things, there is a issue with the 3d editor with object placements and needs to be fixed because whats the point of spending 2hrs making a nice bridge and nothing shows up.
  2. daniel179

    EDEN Editor BUGS

    Also i have a question about the editor, When im in the editor placing down objects aka building a bridge with 6 of the concrete land piers and save it then upload the mission.sqm to the live server half of what i placed is not showing up. Am i doing something wrong because i can go back into the editor and see that all is there but when i put it on the live server 2 or 3 of the bridge objects are just not there. What am i doing wrong because i really want to use this editor and make some cool things for my server but cant seem to understand why some of the stuff just doesnt show up. =========================================================================================================================================================================================================== Update , Ok i have tried unchecking both snap placement and selected asl and atl whit my bridge i have built. Neither of them work and only 3 pieces are showing up every time and it also seems to set the ids incorrect. The 2d editor work just fine and in the 2d editor i could place down what ever i wanted save it load it up on the dedi server and bam all is there just like it should be. I cant do nothing with this new editor because half of the objects i place never show up, this is starting to become more of a hassle than fun because nothing works. I mean if i place down 5 sand bags in a row and save it, then upload it to the dedi server out of the 5 i place only 2 show up yet all the settings are the same on the ones showing up and the ones not showing up the settings are the same also.