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  1. 17th Airborne Division is recruiting!! Who are we? The 17th Airborne Division (17AD)is a multinational ARMA 3 ‘milsim’ group which takes its name from a real US Army unit, disbanded after WWII. We have members based in the UK, Europe, the US and the Middle East. We aim to create a relaxed but realistic environment without all of the “yes sir – no sir†nonsense that seems the norm with most milsim units. This is a game at the end of the day and although we formed 17AD to create a more structured and realistic environment to enjoy the game we try not to take the game or ourselves too seriously. That said, once our boots are on the battlefield and the bullets start to fly we maintain unit discipline, know our roles and focus on the task at hand. Structure 17AD employs a ranking system based on traditional military structures (Private, Corporal, Sergeant etc..) however these ranks are merit based and earned by showing leadership, aptitude, initiative and a willingness to get involved. Factors like length of service, your age, who you are friends with in the group or the quality of your jokes bear no relation to your opportunities for promotion. We encourage our members of all ranks to lead squads if they want to and we operate a fairly flexible approach to roles within the team. 17AD is quite a young group and we are still going through the process of assessing each member’s strengths and weaknesses and we will introduce more structured team roles going forward but if you have a particular preference and/or aptitude for a certain area or role that will be taken into account. 17AD Server 17AD have their own ARMA 3 public server which currently runs a custom version of Invade and Annex(Altis) and is open for anyone to join. We try to use realistic communication protocols when in the field and aim to employ realistic combat tactics as much as possible. To achieve this, we use Task Force Radio (TFR) which works through Teamspeak 3. TFR is compulsory for anyone wishing to join the public server, it is our means of communication and without it you can’t talk to us or hear what is being said. It’s a great mod and really adds to the whole experience so it’s worth the effort to install it. A link to a TFR installation guide is available below. We also run a couple of mods to enhance the realism of the battlefield experience, JSRS sound mod and Blastcore FX mod both of which are optional. 17AD may add mods to the server in time to enrich and broaden our field of operations however these will be clearly communicated through our community sites before they go live. We aim to have an additional server for our ‘17AD group members’ up and running in the near future which will host our scheduled sessions, operations & training. More news on that to follow. Requirements · To be over 16 yrs old (exceptions can be made for outstanding candidates) · Own a legitimate copy of ARMA 3 (Apex and DLC content is ideal) · Have access to Teamspeak 3 · To download and correctly setup TFR (link to guide below) · A functional microphone · To be able to speak the English language to at least a basic level · To have a good attitude and be willing to work as part of a team · To be respectful to our members and other public server players · To be an active member of the team How to join Probably the best way to find out more about 17AD is to join us on our public server, run some ops with us and become familiar with the members and the way we play. You can also jump onto our Teamspeak server to ask us any questions you may have, leave a message in this thread, ask a question on our steam community page or get in touch using the contact details below. Details TS server address - ts3.woodsy310.co.uk 17AD server name - 17th Airborne Division Invade and Annex (find us on the server browser) Group page - https://units.arma3.com/unit/17thairbornedivision Task Force Radio installation guide We look forward to meeting you!
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    co10 Escape

    Hey Darkfurby1, Thanks for the info - appreciate it. So it's pretty much as we thought - only problem was that after we hacked the comms box we didn't get the LZ marker. It's clearly a bug or we did something wrong, either way we spent the next hour and a half looking for further clues and discussing what to do next, what did we do wrong etc... Now we know...if we don't get the LZ marker on the map after hacking the comms box then we need to start over. Another quick question, what is the difference between the enemy outpost markers - there are different types but it wasn't clear what they represented. Thanks for the info :) P.S. if you want to join up with us we are the 17th Airborne Division - we have our own discord channel and are open for new people to come along, join in, have some fun etc...if you search the squads and clans forum for our unit we have a post in the main recruitment thread there which gives details of how to join and who to get in touch with....cheers
  3. Urbanski11

    co10 Escape

    Hey guys, First, well done on creating this mission - really awesome work! I'm with a newly formed squad/clan and we were playing escape Tanoa for hours last night - really atmospheric at night in the jungle without NVGs for a lot of it - we had an absolute blast and it's a great mission for getting some strangers to bond and find out what makes people tick. Anyway one issue we had was with not really knowing what we had to do as none of us had played it before - we knew we had to find a map, hack a comms tower and get to an LZ but after we hacked the tower nothing happened and we ended up raiding several outposts in the hope of finding something to help us. Could someone please give us an overview of what we are supposed to do, what the different map symbols mean along with any tips you could share. Thanks