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  1. Ok good to know! I was told otherwise on another forum but I'm glad I asked here for a second opinion.
  2. Hey folks, I'm a noob when it comes to scripting so please excuse my ignorance. To my understanding typetext & typetext2 are global events. The reason why I ask is because I want to be able to play out text to a player's client when they respawn in but not to the other clients on the server at the same time. Let me elaborate. Example: Player One dies in the field then respawns. Once he spawns only he sees the typetext2 notifying him of his location, but the other members of his squad out in the field don't see the typetext2 Player One sees. The idea is I want to avoid spamming players with type text each time a player is killed and respawns. Right now this is what I have in my OnPlayerRespawn.sqf //Loadout Previous kit saved from OnPlayerKilled.sqf removeAllWeapons player; removeGoggles player; removeHeadgear player; removeVest player; removeUniform player; removeAllAssignedItems player; clearAllItemsFromBackpack player; removeBackpack player; player setUnitLoadout(player getVariable["Saved_Loadout",[]]); // [ [ ["TAVANAKA AIRBASE,","align = 'center' = '1' size = '0.7' font='PuristaBold'"], ["TANOA","align = 'center' = '1' size = '0.7'","#aaaaaa"], ["","<br/>"], ["CHARLIE COMPANY OPERATIONS CENTER","align = 'center' = '1' size = '1.0'"] ] ] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText2; This works well and good but inevitably causes the aforementioned spamming when multiple players need to respawn. I looked at other work arounds like delaying the text from triggering again after say 300 seconds but I'm not entirely sure how to implement that, again I'm a bit of a noob but slowly learning. I hope I made my case clear and look forward to any guidance you guys can offer. Thanks!
  3. Yeah disabling simulation doesn't stop them from hopping out, they just end up floating in the air which looks hilarious, also lockCargo does not work either :\
  4. One of the missions I'm working on has a scripted event where the player's helicopter is shot down by a missile, not enough to destroy the chopper but enough to disable it, then after a few seconds of the AI losing control a script I wrote takes over to control the decent and simulate a tail rotor failure. The problem is that any AI in cargo will all instantly bail after the missile impact to their deaths since the vehicle is at this point disabled. I've been trying for a few days now to work around this issue, an issue which has been hilarious to watch over the years and past titles since OPF (at least they had parachutes then!), but now these days it just looks absolutely ridiculous, considering that BIS thinks it is more realistic to have soldiers jump from a helicopter to their death then say... try to do that at lower altitudes or something where one would think they would have some remote shot of surviving, but I digress. Any way, if I recall this is a hard coded issue right? Has anyone ever found a usable workaround for the problem? I tried searching but not much ever surfaced that was useful or worked. I've tried disabling AI such as FSM or locking the vehicle, allowCrewInImmobile works well mostly for tracked or wheeled vehicles and has no real effect on helicopters since the crew stays in the doomed chopper anyway but does not seem to effect the cargo either for choppers. Setting the unit to CARELESS is useless as well. I thought about script that would reset the damage and replace the infantry back into cargo positions but if hazard a guess it would mostly just look janky at best and world not feel natural, I could cover it up with effects but I want to keep the action feeling fluid and natural. Any one been able to skirt around this issue? I'm tempted to just abandon the whole idea together but I figured I fire off the question here first before I shelve the mission.
  5. Strange, I just tested one of my missions to see if this was an issue but it seemed to work as intended in EDEN and 2D. Sent two squads to assault an objective with about 4 enemy squads lurking around in the jungle with guard on. When the squads were detected the enemy moved a few squads up to engage them. Do you have any custom AI addons loaded? What "additional functionality" where you expecting overall?
  6. You have to be near specific spots to receive support, for example if you are injured and next to a medical HEMMT the action to heal yourself is on the driver side (for some reason). Also you can set SUPPORT waypoints for the support units and they will wait for squads to call them in for support such as resupply, repairs etc. Hope that helps!
  7. Hybrid V

    APEX - what about ships?

    BIS are more enablers then anything else, if they add new content or expansions sometimes it fixes or improve things that usually required a workaround (eh, usually) that modders can use in some form to shape the game to what they want i.e. tank sim, infantry sim, flight sim or all of the above. Although this day and age modder content tends rival that of main game devs and it does put more pressure on dev teams to put out much higher quality content then modders can (easier said then done!)