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    Analogue throttle only using half its range

    Posted vJoy/FreePIE -script (accidentally) to the thread mentioned in the first post (https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/104325-a-fix-for-full-axis-throttle-mapping/).
  2. Hellion_FI

    A fix for Full Axis throttle mapping

    This worked for me. (Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS Throttle, with Joystick and CH Pro Pedals) I used vJoy and FreePIE. Nothing fancy, but it's something and works reasonably for a first iteration of the script. Tried it with AH-6 for a few minutes. You may need to change the number in brackets after "joystick" to correspond to your setup, as per previous posts in this thread have mentioned. So nothing new there... def update(): vJoy[0].x = (joystick[2].z) if starting: virtualAxisMax = vJoy[0].axisMax joystick[2].setRange(0, virtualAxisMax) freeTrack.update += update #diagnostics.watch(joystick[2].z) #diagnostics.watch(vJoy[0].x) The last two commented lines are for dev/debug purposes, uncomment them if you want to view the raw values in vJoyMonitor. (Haven't tried it with how it affects the plane throttle, which is mapped to the same throttle but directly without vJoy/FreePIE modifications inbetween. Will report back if it fouls things up and the script needs to be edited.)