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    im asking this here bc i aparently cant open a new topic in this forum so yeah. I have a question regarding mappin. im currently doin some major aesthetical changes to one already existing map by placing alot of objects and props that were available from the start in the eden editor or that I have added to my library through various mods. I ofc would like to upload the map with those changes to my server at some point. so is there a way to export this scenario in a way to make it a standalone map? Or mabye even a way to tell the server what changes I did to the original map so it can reproduce it for everyone? i noticed alot of servers have some buildings or probs that arent included in the original map, yet i didnt have to download anything. so it must be possible somehow right? further question. I have taken objects from various mods (like i said). i however dont want to force ppl to download all those mods just because i added a few objects from each mod to the map. if there a way to export the map into a standalone one, is there a way to include those objects taken from mods (but only the ones i actucally used) and include them in the mapfile itself? if however its possible to tell the server what changes to make to reproduce the map from my szenario, is it possible to combine all the objects used (and again, only those) in a custom mod or something for ppl to download so they have everything they need without having to download every single mod I downloaded myself while searching for nice objects to use. i have no clue how to approach this problem or even what to search for. if someone has some useful informations or could just point me into the right direction i would be thankful.