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    The rhino, since the beginning of warlords, it's a few things that people do not like, out of reach and very demoralizing. I played once with the rhino and it's a very easy and boring gameplay. There is a lot of ways to find it and destroy it. The proof, yesterday I killed Bryce stashed in his garage, But the rhinos had already made their effects on this game, my team was completely demoralized. Jezuro has increased the price of the rhino and the truck ammunition. Since we see much less. 3000 CP for the truck, it penalizes many players who keep their vehicle alive, it should reduce the truck and increase the rhino to compensate. The biggest problem of the warlords is their duration. Especially when they absolutely want to capture ALL AAF sectors.
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    The cause of all these hacks is the period "Free weekend", tomorrow it's over They will not be able to recreate account with arma 3 After the free weekend, they continue to hack, they found a way to bypass battleeyes
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    Need the version "UP" of the slammer , to balance the team
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    Trolling and Harassment on Game Servers

    Confirm , can we have "vote admin" option on official end game servers ? and maybe a diving suit in loadout to search shematics under water ?
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    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Possible ? you think ? More strategy with this , would become usable in PvP.