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    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Any idea on how we can help troubleshoot smoke grenades almost never being thrown? Possibly an issue with Exile? Willing to provide anything you need.
  2. Eldari

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Someone on the Exile forums is actually how I found out about this addon. They are running DMS, Occupation, and VEMF with Exile. Do the AI spawned by DMS need to be spawned with smoke grenades/shells in their inventory in order to use them? Or does the script generate those for them? I tried it both ways, spawning them with grenades and without, and I've also not seen them use mines or call in artillery, even though I've spawned them with radios and apers mines. Here is a pastebin to my defaultsettings.sqf https://pastebin.com/5BRfJrxC Edit: Very weird, After shooting a Mk200 at a group of about 30 ai for 2-3 minutes straight, I finally saw a single green smoke get popped, with the percentage set at 100. I am thoroughly confused now Edit2: After another hour of trying missions, I finally got another AI to toss a smoke grenade, green again, even though they all have blue,purple and green. I had DMS set to offload AI to clients, so I disabled that thinking it might work, but no joy.
  3. Eldari

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Loaded up the VCOMAI script version, using the defaultsettings.sqf (infistar doesnt like filepatching) and everything seems to work except smoke grenades. They get in vehicles (but wont drive away) and they peek corners, use cover, flank, etc. I thought maybe I had to spawn them in DMS with smoke grenades, but even with a green, blue, and purple smoke on every AI, they never pop smoke even when I'm standing in a group of 30 of them. Currently running DMS, Occupation, ZCP (No Zeus), and now VcomAI , on an Exile Altis server. (OSG Altis if you care to test) It also broke my roaming attack helicopters (Occupation), but I'm less concerned with that than I am with the only feature I wanted (popping smoke) not working. Any ideas?
  4. Hoping to get some help here from a few of you experts that hang around here. Little brother has a system with an 8320 overclocked to 4.5Ghz, GTX980, 16GB of ram @ 1600Mhz, SSD, etc.. His primary issue is that he regularly gets 20-40 FPS while trying to play with our clan and yet his CPU and GPU usage never exceeds 30% while playing. He can change any setting in the game options and setting everything to off or low versus setting everything to ultra/on makes less than a 2-3 fps difference. After going over temps, nvidia control panel settings, in-game settings, bios settings, etc I am at a loss. I have seen people on this very forum with lower end systems citing 60fps+ stable. If he was being bottlenecked by either his cpu or gpu I would expect one or the other to be capping at 100%, yet to not even utilize his hardware I feel like something else is going on. This same system gets 100+fps in the new Doom Multiplayer, with everything set to ultra, and 80+ in GTA5 with everything on ultra. I understand that arma isn't the same as those types of games, but even as a single core game, one of his cores should be maxing out in order to justify such a low fps. It has made the game unplayable for him and unfortunately he cannot afford to switch motherboard and cpu at this time. Willing to give any info needed, though we do work during the day and I have to rely on him to get me said screenshots or logs. I have faith that someone here has the answer, even if he does not. P.S. We play Exile if it matters, but even on official wasteland servers he only saw a 5-10fps bump over exile. Also, Tanoa is 12-15 fps for him, the 25-40 is on chernarus exile
  5. Eldari

    Low FPS with a good setup

    I don't think the issue that frustrates people so much is the low fps, as it is the lack of usage. Most people would be fine with 35-50fps if they knew thats all their system could handle. But to be getting 25-35 fps and see that your GPU and CPU are both below 30% usage is extremely disheartening. Many of my friends refuse to play such an unoptimized game and it makes it hard to build a clan when you play alone.
  6. Eldari

    Memory could not read...

    Loading my exile mod and other mods through the official launcher instead of the A3Launcher has fixed this error for my buddies and I like 95% of the time. If we use A3Launcher it is closer to 90% crash. Still an occasional memory error with the official launcher, but far far less.
  7. Eldari

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Is this on Tanoa? That map is significantly more taxing on systems than say altis or chernarus.