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  1. 4 hours ago, esfumato said:


    3 replayable missions... at least it will be one for each faction. NATO CSAT AAF.

    I don't know if I would like that.


    im kind of hoping since they mention point of view that you have a scenario that can be played from multiple sides.


    example: NATO is attacking a military complex. AAF is defending it and CSAT is a clean up crew or something and you can play the mission from all 3 sides with different outcomes. That would give it replayability and allow for all factions rather then just one whole mission with different point of views of NATO (such as being a tank commander, heli pilot and squad commander) attacking a military complex.

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  2. Look I'm being hopeful here that we will get something substantial. They mention three operations which could mean multiple missions in a operation. They also mention having multiple views so hopefully it means you got like a on the ground sort of view mixed in with a tank operator view or heli support or something. Playing from these type of views could make for some interesting replayability which is something they keep going on about. They mentioned apex being highly replayable which it wasn't really. Was a boring slog to get through though the main campaign had a few replayable missions with multiple objectives which were way better then what we got with apex. I know they said in the anniversary post they let us down so I'm expecting big things from this dlc. It's got a good price but it needs to have a good amount of content in these missions. Fingers crossed.

  3. 13 hours ago, CANADAVE said:

    At least it's still coming.  No coop is a disappointment.  

    People had their co op in Apex. This dlc is meant for those that were expecting a singleplayer mode in Apex as I like to pretend we never got one.


    Besides I'm sure a few people could get them working in Mp. But I prefer them balanced for Sp

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  4. I'm sorry but Manhattan was one of the worst missions they have ever made. It seemed cool at first but due to the sheer size of the map and what you had to do it was stupid and not fun at all.  It required sheer luck to have things go the right way for you.

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  5. On 20/07/2017 at 10:07 PM, R3vo said:


    I doubt that BIS is capable of creating a nice tank campaign..pointing at Showcase Tanks....

    Sadly your right. Though if they put abit of effort into it they could do it. I don't believe they put enough effort into that showcase unfortunately.

  6. I'm hoping we get a mini tank campaign that is about 2-4 missions long with some nice tank combat. Would be nice instead of generic just adding vehicles and mechanics and one scenario. I mean still add some more tanks and other items but just something a little extra would be nice.

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  7. I'm praying the TAC Ops dlc will deliver the love we need for Sp missions. I've given up on ever playing Apex solo again as the first time was a nightmare that no one should ever have to endure. While it's true many user missions have surpassed the main campaign I still enjoy the linear focus on the campaign. Maybe it's because I used to like games like COD so the whole survive chapter was really fun for me even though I enjoy the other chapters to.


    I think it was sad some Apex release that the show case was better Sp content then much of its campaign. The Orange dlc is meant to have a short campaign as well so here is Hoping that we get a decent campaign there, lots of good Sp missions in Tac Ops and a good Showcase for Tanks even though we already have one but a bigger version would be cool.

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  8. This is the chance for BI to go on their word about creating missions based on the old flashpoint series. After that disgraceful apex campaign this can show us what they can do. I don't want random things cause last time they said this in Apex it was terrible.


    i just want a big map where I get a bunch of dudes and maybe for a mission or two some tanks, jets, boats etc and have to acomplish the objective. These missions should have choices in them which can affect how a mission plays out which would lead to it being replayable but without the random stuff. They hinted at this in win and survive but it felt like it needed a bigger push to get things going. Missions like Bingo fuel is what I want them to try to aim for.


    As for missions themselves I'm hoping for the right price it is around 5-6 decent sized missions that range from small fights to big skirmishes. This is the chance for BI to redeem themselves after that disaster. Also please let us save during the missions this time rather then a one go scenario.

  9. Could you explain what you mean by "properly converted?"


    Are you talking ports of older works to ArmA III, much like how we saw ports of Iron Front, Operation Flashpoint, and ArmA I into ArmA II?


    If not that, then please explain, because I do not follow.

    Currently the apex campaign ain't solo friendly. You don't have any AI buddies to control and you can't save. The recent roadmap states that this is gonna change and hence be properly converted to a proper sp campaign though with flaws still

  10. I would replay it if things like unit placement would change and player decisions would actually matter, so the ending of the mission can vary. But since that wasn't mentioned in the SITREP I don't believe it's part of the improvements.

    Yeah because replayability was one of the things they stated would be behind the fact that the campaign was short (ie 4-5 hours) for most part. I really hope we don't have to wait another 2 or so years before we get another campaign that can be completed in Sp or Co Op or just one or the other and goes back to the roots rather then another test of moving towards a certain demographic that alienates a portion of the crowd.

  11. There aren't any.

    There is, apparently the new revive system is in the works for the AI hence why they were missing from the Sp side.

    I wouldn't make a big deal about it but Dwarden went out of his way to shut my negative criticism of the campaign on steam down by telling me it would come. Hence why I want to know when these changes are coming.

    Here is his response


    the thread OP posted before the APEX was even released

    also there are known AI bugs (fixed or being wip to be fixed soon)

    some can be seen in DEVELOPMENT branch changelog

    so, it hopefully gets better next patch

    With the top comment, he is referring to the fact I posted that discussion the 3rd day that the campaign was in the development branch for "testing"

  12. So what about Singleplayer? Are there plans to update this so that those people can play that mode with the rebalanced difficultly.

    I appreciate that you are considering our feedback, but when I read the title I thought there would be an emphasis on the difficultly. Hopefully the next set of feedback after this is the Sp portion as it isn't fun having to kill 50+ solders by yourself.

    Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing the next set of changes.

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  13. While a good idea, the work and effort needed to get it done rather then just hopefully doing it in Arma 4 on the new enfusion engine is too much for little impact. If they were gonna do it, then it would of been done a year or so ago. Sad but true

    As for the Dlc rumours I feel there is one more DLC in the bag somewhere, maybe not a huge map but something small say double stratis size with an actual campaign that shows the right direction of what we want them to go in.

  14. Yeah I agree, the criticisms discussed here are not to bash the devs for their hard work. But rather to help push them to not go down a dangerous direction that has cost other franchises becuase they went from hardcore to accessible in the sake of sales and came out on the bottom.

    The apex campaign is a direction many people don't want BI to go in. Not because it is a co op campaign but rather the fundamental gameplay decisions behind it. Ie not being able to play proper solo, no way to fail mission, basic mission structure etc. At the end of the day many people here have played the flawed by still good OPF campaign which put other games like Battlefield to shame with how battles and such went. The east wind got there a few times and while I still liked it, it was cut short at the point where the big battles were happening or never seen.

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  15. so just out of curiosity, do you think there are more people who dislike Apex campaign respawning or more people that are either okay with it or like it?

    Well the respawning destroys the immersion the campaign usually emulates well. From reading forum posts to steam reviews it's hard to tell. There are quite a few people who think the apex campaign is the weakest link in the dlc which brings the price down from $35 to around $20-$25. I should note that the steam reviews include both positive and negatives with even the positive reviews making the campaign a con.

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