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  1. PoundlandBacon

    KLPQ Music Radio

    Hi, first off congratulations on the mod, it's great! I've encountered one issue, when I use ace the tracks play perfectly one after another. If I don't use ace I have to turn the radio and/or speaker off/on again to get the next track to play, any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Also is there a way to increase the overall volume and/or distance the audio can be heard from? I ran the audio files through mp3gain before I converted to ogg, and I have the volume slider up full in the mod options in game, the audio seems to drop off quite quickly to me as i move away from the source. Thanks for your time, and a really cool/fun mod :) EDIT: Found the issue is unrelated to using ace. It happens with or without ace on a dedicated server, works correctly locally either way.
  2. Played this for about 5 hours last night and it's a huge step forward imho. Really impressed by some of the little touches, like being able to transfer all building material in one click, something you can even get your AI followers to do! Great to hear you are working on the permissions etc Zonekiller, and sorry to start asking for changes/tweaks straight away! Kremator, you weren't wrong man, no need for specific base attacks! It was like the Michael Caine film "Zulu" at times last night :D Darkfurby1, from memory on the Mods page on TADST there is a + button which you can use to add mods to the list, when you click it you simply need to browse to where the mod is installed (I found this really useful for adding Steam Workshop mods) - Might help if I've understood your issue correctly ;)
  3. This is great Zonekiller, working really well so far! One quick question, is there a way to share a workbench with others? I'm co-oping with a friend and we'd rather not split resources between 2 bases. Thanks for everything you've done :)
  4. Thanks Zonekiller, this sounds amazing! I'll try it out tonight and send some feedback :)
  5. Ahhh, that's good to know Kremator, I guess I should probably actually try it out before giving feedback :)
  6. I think adding them to the scavenge list, but making them super rare would be good. How about re-spawning by chuting in within a couple of kilometers of a designated base? That way if you're familiar enough with the map you could land pretty close. On another point, would it be possible to make bandits attack bases every now and again? That might help stop things getting too easy. Possibly gradually increasing the forces they attack with, the longer the base has been around?
  7. I found that R3F or EDN Fortification seemed like they had potential. I believe R3F is still developed, but I don't like the credits/creation factory systems so much. EDN Fortification doesn't seem to be updated anymore, and possibly not completely finished. That said I like the fact you can build using inventory items as components, meaning looting building materials is viable, and it's easy to add items and blueprints to it. The problem I had with every solution is I'm not smart enough to store item locations etc using inidb, certainly not without wrecking Zonekillers hard work and breaking the mission :P
  8. Thank you Zonekiller, that's much appreciated! Keep up the good work mate, the quality of the scripting etc is truly impressive :)
  9. I absolutely love this mission Zonekiller, thank you for all your hard work! I'm having one small issue which is almost certainly my own fault: I'm hosting the mission on my computer, which I'm also playing on. When I play with friends it kicks everyone back to the lobby when I die, and It effectively resets the server causing all loot/enemies to respwan when I rejoin (all player positions and their gear are restored correctly) Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  10. PoundlandBacon


    I'm new to Arma mission editing and scripting, so apologies in advance, but can anyone please explain how to add custom loot items to Ravage without editing Ravage.pbo? (the only way I've found to do it so far). I usually like to work things out for myself, but this has defeated me!
  11. PoundlandBacon


    I love this thing, most fun i've had with the Arma series since the original DayZ mod released. Thanks Haleks, I've just donated via Paypal :)