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    Predator Mod

    That is sad news then :( I have hope that you will get permission because I was unaware of how things work here. Maybe you will find strength to create your own mod similar to Charon because Arma3 would be so amazing with Predator AI on Tanoa map (BI even mention about strange males disappearance on hot summers while Tanoa map loads^^). I cross my fingers for you.
  2. Bart888

    Predator Mod

    Are you serious? Do you have this mod running in arma 3 with all those scripts that Charon wrote for predator? This mod was best scifi mod for arma 2 I would even pay for this to play it with Predator AI in Arma 3. You still can relase it like people reworking mods for KSP game and mention about that they just manage mod till orginal creator will be back.