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  1. Version 1.1.7 - SUPER LATE update on this fourm page, my mistake.
    Viking PMC Official Mod
    Added: New South African Beret

    Added: Viking Logo Beret

    Added: Loki Camo Boonie

    Added: USA and Russian Patches for caps

    Added: New function VKN_fnc_formatChange to adjust data type format with given prams. See function notes for details

    Added: New weapons: AS VAL, Desert Eagle, Remington 870, SIG P226 and P250

    Added: Beards with varying colours. Matched to custom faces.

    Added: Headless Client support and extended support for Werthles' Headless Module

    Added: Notification system on template tool that will alert user about a new update to the tool.


    Fixed: Cleanup on configs in VKN_Gear

    Fixed: Loki Gear

    Fixed: Naming conventions on caps

    Fixed: template tool not updating side from west.

    Fixed: Newest factions breaking Zeus.


    Overhauled: Image sizes of texture files


    Removed: Textures that are no longer used


    Viking PMC Official Mod - Extensions

    Added: New faction Modern China

    Added: New Faction Taiga

    Added: New Faction Legion

    Added: Loki Camo Nicecomm2 LR Radio


    Discuss this update in the discord here.

    View the code and extra info on updates via github here.

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  2. Version 1.1.5 and then 1.1.6 Released. (Mixed up changelog, sorry!)
    Viking PMC Official Mod

    Added: New function group, unit data (grab and set).

    Added: New caps with flags.

    Added: Mountain suits in various camos

    Added: New function to retreive faction from a side (int format)


    Fixed: Audio not playing on EC 365s

    Fixed: Various backend errors to bring them up to current standards.

    Fixed: Bad texture on PMC uniform

    Fixed: Naming of some uniforms

    Fixed: Allignment on mission template tool

    Fixed: Dynamic filtering system on template tool

    Fixed: squad placement on template tool

    Fixed: Quick Join not working from main menu (uses CBA settings now).

    Fixed: Functionary Suits being added without p3ds, still WIP until next major update.


    Overhauled: Mission template tool, will work on making it more dynamic for any user to setup settings rather than predefined.


    Updated: Insigina; Loki, Thor, VIS, Odin, Balder - hidden until next update due to image errors.


    Removed: EC-135 (Removed on the 02/06/2020) due to IP violation.

    Removed: Alive from ext. mod


    Viking PMC Official Mod - Extensions

    Fixed: errors on FAST helmet retextures


    Removed: RHS SAF from faction


    Discuss this update in the discord here.

    View the code and extra info on updates via github here.

  3. Your Path to the file looks incorrect, for textures and such you need to go from your addon name. I can't tell if you have named it custom_uniform because your folder structure is weird.


    Would be the correct path for a texture file

    IF your addon does follow this path you have, then just add a \ at the start of the path to the texture and it will find it. I would suggest changing this to a simplier, more intuitive structure though, like the one I put above.


    Also you have a unit in the cfgPatches called "Custom_Uniform_Mod" but it doesn't exist in the config so its not needed and if you're using CUP assets add the addon to the required addon section of cfgPatches so it will load properly.

  4. Version Released.
    Viking PMC Official Mod

    Added: AK5C

    This update bridges the gap between .4 and .5 and also acts a little sneak peak as to whats coming 😄 Hope you enjoy, we'll be disclosing more media on the new assets arriving, its a big one!

    With 1000+ subscribers, I'd just like to thank each and every one of you that uses the mod and shares feedback, it really helps us progress! I hope you continue to support the mod!!



    Discuss this update in the discord here.

    View the code and extra info on updates via github here.



  5. uniformClass = "OMEGA_PV_UNIF1";

    Is a reference to a cfgWeapons uniform. Uniforms require both a cfgVehicles and cfgWeapons entry, one to make the uniform and one to wear it as a reference. Both are required. If the unit you place says this has no entry you're missing the cfgWeapons, if the object is placeable, the uniform I mean, then you're missing a unit to wear the uniform, cfgVehicles.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Easy way of doing this would be for each unit you wanna change, adjust it's config entry then it'll make a new default uniform for example.

    An example of this would be:

    class B_Soldier_F: B_Soldier_base_F	{
    	uniformClass="U_B_CombatUniform_mcam"; //Here you change the uniform classname

    I mean this'll work to change the units clothes on any mission but will require a new addon (something you mentioned you don't know) to be made and downloaded by all users. It's fairly simple to make one now a days though!
    Hope this helps!

  7. Hi all!

    Just wanted to address the lack of an update this March. Due to the global crisis at the moment, as we all know we have been asked to work from home. While this gives devs a bit more free time to work on the mod, they still need contiune working from home. As well as this, uni work for myself and another dev hasn't changed (deadlines etc.) so we still need to be completing that. This does however mean the mod development is in a grey area. We are still planning to push updates, however they wont be scheduled until the summer (when my year is over basically). We have custom models planned for release very soon, including weapons, a new uniform and a new vehicle, all created in house. I am unsure when I will be releasing this, however I will stagger it across the time between nowe and the end of may. Obviously there will be little bits here and there in the mean time as well.

    Thank you for the continued support of the mod!

    Hope you all understand!

  8. Version 1.1.4 Released.
    Viking PMC Official Mod

    Added: Post Process Effects
    Added: M9X RVMATs
    Added: New Identities
    Added: Fleece Uniforms
    Added: Uniform Diagonal pack
    Added: New cap based on offical, patch and backwards version too
    Added: VKN_fnc_selectRandomIndex function

    Updated: Amir Indentity with tattoo's
    Updated: Uniform Loki

    Fixed: Mission Template Tool with prep for next release


    Viking PMC Official Mod - Extensions

    Added: Diagonal opscore helmets

    Updated: Loki Vests
    Updated: Loki Opscore helmets
    Updated: M90/M98 packs (uniforms, vests, radios)


    Discuss this update in the discord here.

    View the code and extra info on updates via github here.

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  9. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope everyone has enjoyed it, here's an update on us! 😄


    Version 1.1.3 Released.
    Viking PMC Official Mod

    Added: Standardized images for use.
    Added: Random Arsenal Loadout Generator.

    Fixed: Mission Template Tool.
    Fixed: Panic Button displaying to all users.

    Updated: Randomization system on image selections


    Viking PMC Official Mod - Extensions

    Fixed: VKN_Characters not working with ACE interaction


    Discuss this update in the discord here.

    View the code and extra info on updates via github here.



  10. 21 hours ago, Larrow said:

    You have the wrong attribute names.

    //setup in-module settings
    { _x set3DENAttribute ["ControlMP", true]; } forEach _ZeusEntities;
    for "_i" from 0 to 3 step 1 do {
    	_Module = _ZeusModules select _i;
    	_Entity = _ZeusEntitiesNames select _i;
    	_Module set3DENAttribute[ "ModuleCurator_F_Owner", _Entity ];
    	_Module set3DENAttribute[ "ModuleCurator_F_Addons", "All" ];
    	_Module set3DENAttribute[ "ModuleCurator_F_Forced", "1" ];


    Ah that makes more sense - I too am interested in how this was found - There are some other modules I will need to be setting up via script 😄


    Thanks alot though, can finally release this fix hah

  11. So it's coming up to the end of the year and I decided to put together a year in review and also give you an insight into the development planned for the next year. It has been a year of a kind and we have learnt alot through out it. A massive thank you to both the developers for their time and efforts into the mod and also to you, the players who are using the content we provide.


    We look forward to the upcoming year and hope you join us in this! 😄

  12. Hello, having some trouble getting set3DENAttributes to work with curator modules. I can't get Owner, Addons and forced to work at all, I have tried numbers, bools, strings, chucking the numbers into strings, looking at their configs etc. but nothing seems to be working.



    The code is in the link (as to not clutter this) but i'll take the extract out too


    //setup in-module settings
    { _x set3DENAttribute ["ControlMP", true]; } forEach _ZeusEntities;
    for "_i" from 1 to 4 step 1 do {
      _Module = _ZeusModules select _i - 1;
      _Entity = _ZeusEntitiesNames select _i - 1;
      _Module set3DENAttribute ["Owner", _Entity];
      _Module set3DENAttribute ["Addons", "All"];
      _Module set3DENAttribute ["Forced", "1"];

    is this command using predefined stuff or config matching? - just an idea, any help would be amazing 😄

  13. Version 1.1.3 STATUS UPDATE #2
    Hello all!

    So we're in December and still haven't got Version 1.1.3? What's happening?! Where's the update?!
    Well let me explain.
    At the moment, I had planned this to be pushed out on the 6th of Dec, however we're almost 6 days due and still haven't updated. The sole reason for this is time. At the moment, almost all of the developers are super busy with life stuff, for myself and a few others, university modules are ending soon and work needs to be completed. For others, jobs are ending this year and so their work needs to be completed before the next working year.


    Due to these reasons, we haven't been able to work on modding in the same time frames we had in the summer. Assets are still being made, but a lot slower than seen before. I can only apologise for this because I like to stick to deadlines and missing them sets back other projects. At this current stage, I hope to push this version out by the end of December at the latest which will feature, most importantly, the Mission Template Tool within the 3DEN Editor that will have customizable options for all users, not just Viking. There are other assets planned for the new year and a "2019 Year in review" is going to be posted sometime in the next week or two. This document will include a lot of information about what we've done this past year and what's being planned for 2020.


    Again, I can only apologise for the delay but I hope you're with me that Education and Jobs come first (Not to say this mod isn't important, we sink a lot of effort into this and all for the community).

    Thank you all for the ever continued support and I hope you're looking forward to seeing our plans for the next year!

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  14. Version 1.1.3 STATUS UPDATE #1


    Hello all!
    So it's been a while since an update has been released. I'd like you all know that we are still working on things and have some great ideas and assets both in the works and coming soon! We have recently acquired 3, and perhaps even more, 3D Artists to create 3D assets and really push this mod to a new level.

    Apart from ideas already mentioned elsewhere, I wont hint at what we are planning as to not fixate designs and ideas. Stay tuned for the next status update to see more about them.

    Alongside 3D assets, I am still working on scripts and configs for the mod, such as a new menu for quick access to functions, a sort of Function Guider. The aim is to teach a Zeus how to use scripts/functions to help improve their mission in a easy to use format. More on this soon however.


    As always, i'm optimizing existing stuff and making space for the new content 🙂 Thank you for the continued support to the mod and I look forward to seeing your feedback when 1.1.3 is released!

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  15. Version 1.1.2 Released.
    Viking PMC Official Mod

    Added: Retextured Leopard 2A4 skins

    Added: more Discord RP additions - requires https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1493485159 to work

    Added: New sound for operations

    Added: Backend Support for a customizable panic button for units to press

    Added: background images and res-adjusting text to start screens

    Added: New Randomization of loading screens


    Updated: Mission Template Tool now has new information

    Updated: Tahoe Texture Files

    Fixed: error in VKN_Gear(edited)

    Viking PMC Official Mod - Extensions

    Updated: Adjusted inheritance on units. (ODIN Faction)

    Updated: Startup screen to work in the base mod and use ext. if aother mods are present too.


    Discuss this update in the discord here.

    View the code and extra info on updates via github here.

  16. Version 1.1.2 STATUS UPDATE #1

    Hello all, so the mod development has started to slow down due to myself and other developers starting university, jobs etc. We are continuing to add new content, but it is alot slower than the summer. We can only apologise for this, however the mod is created in our spare time, which is very little ahah.
    One of the things that I am working on at the moment is the function rework/streamline process. I am cutting code and trying to make all of my functions run quicker, as well as fix bugs. For example, the mission template tool currently doesn't work with ACE3's interaction system. For this reason, I decided to remove the ability for communities to customize this tool to their liking. Until I can work out what causes this error, I will keep it this way. Another, newer feature coming is the player displaying function. This will display the players name above their unit and also add extra information. This will be in the next update, hopefully. One final function that has recently been updated was the Discord Rich Presence information. It's purpose is to add a little more information to discord about what you're up to in-game, instead of just seeing "Arma 3". The rest of the team are also working on their own features, but as we're not 100% sure when these things will be ready, we will keep quiet for the time being 🙂

    Just thought i'd give a little update on this, as well as some of the ideas we have bouncing around at the present time.

  17. Version 1.1.1 Released.
    Viking PMC Official Mod

    Added: ACE PBO Check to fn_Ragdoll_init to avoid error when ACE wasn't present

    Added: Support for ACE Self Interactions for in-house functions/features (more to follow)
    Added: Eurocopter 135/635 variants with Viking Black, Loki, Viking OD and Viking Sand skins with medical counterparts
    Added: Ability to select textures via vehicle customization in the arsenal
    Added: ACE FRIES system to Eurocopters
    Added: Discord Rich Presence support for various events in-game - requires https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1493485159 to work

    Updated: File layout for VKN_Objects
    Updated: VKN_Objects cfgPatches to properly add the vehicles as units
    Updated: IFV Warrior and Y32E Cihuai Aircraft Units to display in Zeus/3DEN Editor

    Fixed: Lightbar on the light variant of the Tahoe

    Viking PMC Official Mod - Extensions

    Updated: VKN_Extensions_Gear had class fields updated

    Removed: Viking Black Medical OPS 2 Helmet
    Removed: Viking Loki Medical Helmet


    Discuss this update in the discord here.

    View the code and extra info on updates via github here.

  18. New update is coming soon, including some more Eurocopter helicopters! We're working on custom textures and setting up some features of our own alongside this helicopter, like incorping ACE Rappeling, as well as the ability to properly use the stretcher.

    These eurocopters were used with permission given by Luke's EC 135 mod!

    In terms of our own 3D models, we're designing and creating a 2000 style Mitsubishi Montero/Hokoron hybrid offroader, equipped with chunky tires, flood lights, winch and more, as well as a 2035 face lift of this vehicle. We're using a Toyota Tacoma front and a Chevrolet Suburban 1500 rear to create a more modern, but still highly functional offroader. There will be branding images of these vehicles released in the future, but just wanted to let people know we are planning new, custom assets 🙂

    Don't forget to view the code and extra info about the mod via github here.

    Enjoy using the mod and it's features!

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  19. Version 1.1.0 Released.
    Viking PMC Official Mod

    Added: Sirens to Security Tahoe


    Fixed: Missing image for fn_missionTemplateTool

    Fixed: fn_missionTemplateTool with an unscheduled sleep being used

    Fixed: Legion Forest cap

    Fixed: Author of legion forest camo set

    Fixed: APC Warrior desert missing skin.


    Updated: fn_displayPlayerInfoAbove - hid until Version 1.1.1



    Viking PMC Official Mod - Extensions

    Added: RHS Booniehat retextured


    Discuss this update in the discord here.

    View the code and extra info on updates via github here.

  20. Version 1.0.9 Released.
    Viking PMC Official Mod

    Added: New PBO VKN_Identities incl. new faces for players to use.
    Added: Retextured FV 510 Warrior (Woodland) and FV 510 Warrior (Desert) retextured variants for BLUFOR.
    Added: New images for factions within Viking, ODIN, THOR, LOKI, VIS and BALDER - https://imgur.com/a/qKQ19yj

    Updated: Legion Forest Collection.
    Updated: fn_respawnPositionSafeZone to enable all factions. Also rewrote for optimisation.
    Updated: Roles and Ranks custom configs.
    Updated: LOKI Cap


    Viking PMC Official Mod - Extensions

    Added: LOKI Vests
    Added: Hawaii shirts for the summer season.


    Discuss this update in the discord here.

    View the code and extra info on updates via github here.